Respectful Workplaces in the Arts

A resource compiled by the Canadian Arts Coalition that addresses harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence.

In March 2018, the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) asked the Minister of Finance for significant funding over 3 years to develop policies, procedures, tools and resources to ensure respectful workplaces in the arts, free of harassment of any kind. CHRC was asked by the CAC (including Live Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Crafts, and Literary Arts organizations) to take the lead on developing a project in line with this funding request.

The project, Respectful Workplaces in the Arts, addresses harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence. CHRC is working in collaboration with national arts service organizations (NASOs) and other leaders in the sector in equity-seeking groups. Respectful Workplaces in the Arts will ensure that artists and arts organizations across Canada have the tools, resources and training to prevent harassment of any kind, and build respectful workplaces as the norm in the cultural sector.

This extensive website includes resources on:

  • Training and Other Resources on Harassment: A new tool on Workplace Harassment and Violence in CHRC's HR Management Toolkit © focusses on the development of policies and procedures to prevent and deal with harassment in the arts. Link

  • Publicity Resources: Respectful Workplaces in the Arts has a clear message and “look and feel”. These ads in pdf format, the JPG web banners and the video are for arts organizations to share widely with members, audiences, followers and funders. This is your chance to make a statement about Respect in your workplaces!

  • Reporting and Investigating Mechanisms: When harassment happens, who can the victim turn to? And how does an employer, engager or Board of Directors respond when harassment occurs in their workplace? These pressing questions are explored in detail in Reporting and Investigating Mechanisms for Workplace Harassment in the Arts (PDF), now available for reference and download. Here are its Recommendations (PDF).

  • Consultations: In order to get input on specific issues from equity-seeking groups - Indigenous, racialized, the deaf and disabled, the LGBTQ and official language minority communities - CHRC is holding special consultations in several cities across the country. Coordinators and facilitators from these communities will organize and run the consultations in September and October.

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