How To

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Arts Network Learning Room and the 'How to' Section. This is where you'll find toolkits, 'how to' videos and valuable lesson plans.

We’ve designed this space to direct you to specific professional development opportunities, online learning, lesson plans, funding initiatives, toolkits, reports and information that is relevant to artists and organizations in the community engaged arts sector. If there is anything you would like to see added to this section, do not hesitate to contact us today!


  • Sponsorship 101

    Check out Che Kothari's top 5 tips on creating a successful sponsorship campaign. The video toolkit series is filmed during the Neighbourhood Arts Network's MAKING A LIVING. MAKING ART events, created for artists, youth and arts organizations.

  • Branding & Self Promotion 101

    Check out Jase Cozmic's top 5 tips on branding and self promotion. The video toolkit series is filmed during the Neighbourhood Arts Network's MAKING A LIVING. MAKING ART events, created for artists, youth and arts organizations.

  • Board Mentoring Handbook

    Looking to effectively integrate new board members into your current organizational structure? The Board Mentoring Handbook outlines a mentoring program that a non-profit board can use to integrate new board members quickly and effectively.

  • Diversity in Governance

    Here you will find some effective ways to ensure your board is inclusive and representative of the community you serve. For more helpful toolkits on inclusive and effective board governance, see the Maytree Foundation website.

  • Song Library for Facilitators & Social Artists

    Are you looking for some simple melodies or call and response songs to bring to your youth group, community choir, drop-in centre or classroom? Check out PYE Global's amazing open-source library, its filled with great resources!

  • Human Resources Tools

    Here you will find many Human Resources management guides that have been specifically developed for the cultural sector. These guides are part of the Cultural Careers Council Ontario's "Work in Culture: HR Spotlight" project.

  • Tools for New Organizations & Project Development

    Are you starting an exciting new project or a new organization? You might want to check out these tools developed by Creative Trust especially with you in mind. These tools can help you start in the right direction!

  • Top 5 Video Toolkits for Community Arts

    View our rosters of Top 5 Video Tool Kits designed for community engaged artist, adminstrators, youth and arts professionals. Featuring speakers from our Making a Living. Making Art series!

  • Writing Sponsorship Proposals

    Check out Caleigh Timmons' top 5 tips on how to write a sponsorship proposal. The video toolkit series is filmed during the Neighbourhood Arts Network's MAKING A LIVING. MAKING ART events, created for artists, youth and arts organizations.

  • Organization & Project Development

    The Creative Trust Open Source Tool Kits are a summary of processes, policies and program materials that reflect the most important thinking and activities in the success of Working Capital for the Arts.

  • Toronto Arts Council: Arts in the Parks Program

    A handbook compiled by the Toronto Arts Council to make it easier for artists and arts organizations to program in Toronto parks. We all benefit from the excellent, engaging and entertaining arts programming presented in our parks.

  • Tips for Community Consultation

    This provides a broad overview of what to think about when planning a project and designing a community consultation process. Detailed descriptions and a complete list of consultation methods is available in the Guide to Community Engagement.

  • Fundraising 101

    Fundraising's function is to catch attention and hold it long enough for a person decide whether or not to give money. This tool will outline the ten most important things to know about when fundraising.

  • Event Planning 101

    This resource offers great tips on how to plan, design and manage an event from researching event types, planning, coordinating, evaluating events and self-care. It was created by Artreach Toronto & the GOAL Youth Workshop Series.

  • Grant Writing 101

    Here's a fantastic article on grant writing that features advice from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council about how you can get in on this fabulously moderate wealth to keep doing what you do.

  • Arts & Equity Toolkit

    Practical tools and resources for artists and groups working towards equity in the arts. The Arts & Equity toolkit emerged from the needs and concerns identified by artists working to engage Toronto communities through the arts.

  • Racial Equity Library

    The Racial Equity Library has over 1600 resources that can help you create change in your community. Racial Equity Tools are designed to support individuals and groups working in communities to achieve racial equity.

  • Tip Sheets: Bookeeping, Financial & Database Management

    Since 1993, Young Associates has been providing bookkeeping, accounting, financial management, data management and strategic planning consulting services to the arts community. They have created Tip Sheets for getting your finances and databases in order.

  • Workshop Ideas: Icebreakers, Energizers & Lesson Plans

    Are you looking for new activities to use in your workshops? Partners for Youth Empowerment shares the engaging, and often centuries old, arts based activities they like to use in their internationally renowned workshops and facilitation trainings.

  • How to Create a Pop-Up Shop

    Thinking about opening a Pop Up Shop? Wondering how do you design one? Natasha Singh, of Singhnature shares some tips from the ArtReach Cultural Careers project. Funded by the Government of Ontario and the Betty Averbach Foundation.