ARTIST INSIGHT | Creative Business Practices

Learn helpful business tips from successful artist entrepreneur Arounna Khounnoraj. Arounna co founded bookhou with her partner in 2002 to showcase their individual and collaborative work. They are a multidisciplinary studio that emphasizes natural handmade materials and small production pieces.


1. Creating and maintaining a brand

Use common design/art elements in your pieces to form a unified body of work that is identifiable as yours. maintain the work by documenting it a public realm like your website and through social media. creating work that has to do with you personally, your interest, your history - it's about giving it a story and a narrative that is yours.

2. Using social media to spread your brand

Promote your work by directing it toward your key audience - try to differentiate yourself from other similar makers.

3. Selling online

Linking your website to a platform for selling; which one is best for you and how to create a successful shop

4. Production and life  

Balance your studio work and life. its all about management- as makers our daily schedules change and finding a balance so that you get things accomplished and don't feel overwhelmed

5. Making work that sells vs. making studio work for yourself

Try to balance sellable work with more personal experiments - the two sides of the studio always inform each other and often lead to unforeseeable discoveries. This point is an accumulation of all the other points.

BIO | Arounna Kkounnoraj received her education from OCAD, NASCAD and MFA from the university of Waterloo. She is currently exploring pattern and images in her textiles and sculptures. In the fall of 2008, Arounna co-founded Bookhou with John Booth; their brink and mortar shop is located on Dundas St. W in Toronto. Bookhou is a multidisciplinary studio that emphasizes natural handmade materials and small production pieces. 

Presented at Making A Living. Making Art: Creative Business and Social Media Strategies for Artists on Wednesday June 18th, 2014 at Lakeshore Arts Gallery. In partnership with Neighbourhood Arts Network and Lakeshore Arts