ARTIST INSIGHT | Self promotion & Marketing

Spoken Word Artist and founder of a R.I.S.E Edutainment Randell Adjei shares tools and techniques on Self Promotion, marketing and branding.

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1. Define your Brand. Know Your industry

Have a clear vision! Who are you? What makes your brand Unique from others in your market or industry? Start Understanding the culture of your industry. It's important to know the persona of the culture & the outlook of the brand. What are some short & long term goals?

2. Establishing Your Brand

Be Clear with what your organization represents and what it does not. Be Consistent with you mission statement/Goals. Consistency is key. In this day in age Customer service is vital; just as you brand yourself, your clients must be able to spread your message to others with the same consistency. Your Reputation is everything, this is the fundamental of your brand. How people talk about your brand, how they introduces it etc,..

3. Marketing/Networking/Partnerships

It is very Important to know your target market. Once you've established this; it makes it easier to Promote your business effectively. Find out other organizations that are similar to yours and build a partnerships where both parties benefit. Networking is very important; one network may open up into another and another (snowball effect). Today, who you know is almost more important than what you know.

4. Develop a Presence with Social Media

In this day in age; we as humans are all about visuals. Word of Mouth is no longer as effective due to technology. So use it to your advantage; things like Websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc,.. are where audiences have their eyes. Stay on top of your audience and have an understanding of their interests.

5. Feedback & Evaluation

What are the strengths & weaknesses of your brand? You should have an understanding of the reputation outsiders have of you. Your brand should to some degree emotionally and mentally stimulate excitement form your audience. People remember best from how they felt when they were introduced to something. Emotions are an important aspect of human nature, that's where the memory of your brand comes to play.


BIO| Randell is a Motivational Speaker, Spoken word artist, workshop facilitator and founder of a growing City Wide movement called R.I.S.E Edutainment (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) that provides a platform for artists across the city to express themselves and  their art through Rap, Spoken Word, Dance & song. 

Randell is a recent recipient of the Identify n’ Impact awards by the Toronto Youth Cabinet for “Street Level Advocate”.  He has spoken and performed at the Toronto Argo’s Anti Bullying Campaign (“Huddle Up”), at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and York University, Nyuriocan Cafe in Manhattan New York, Dwayne Morgan’s The International Poetry Slam & Gong Show, Emily Carr, The S.P.O.T, Nia Center for the Arts, and Tropicana “Start Fresh” Program. 

Photography by Optic Memory Photography