New Connections (2019)

This guide is created to help connect newcomer artists of various art practices to the resources necessary for making a living as a professional artist in Toronto.

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Colourful photo of 2 smiling dancers with their arms spread wide.

Newcomer artists may be faced with many challenges beyond learning a new language and other aspects of settlement. This guide hopes to help you learn more about the Toronto art scene, where to go to see different types of art, how and where to meet other artists in the city, and find creative work and funding opportunities. This guide will also introduce some opportunities to get involved in Toronto’s great arts  and culture sector, such as events and festivals.

Please note this is a working document. Due to funding, population changes, and general innovation, organizations and funding opportunities are constantly evolving.

If we missed something, or have included something that is no longer relevant, please let us know by emailing