ARTIST INSIGHT | The Artist Journey

Ekow Nimako shares insights on his personal journey, how to build self confidence in your work and steps to creative success.

Image courtesy of Ekow Nimako

 TOP 5 TIPS |  Building Artistic Self Confidence

1. Be Honest with Yourself

Before letting your ego dictate your pursuit of art as a profession, it is is crucial to be brutally honest with your inner self. Only a small percentage of artists actually become success stories, so are you willing to accept that a life dedicated to your craft is truly the one you want? Or the one that you are meant to have?

2. Take Risks

Fortune favours the bold. Are you prepared to quit your day job when it becomes necessary to invest more time in your art? Are you prepared to literally sacrifice your social life to dedicate to your studio practice? People who choose safety over risk rarely make it in the arts.  

3. Seek Opportunities, and Prepare for Them 

Opportunities don't always come knocking on your door, and no matter how you happen to come across them, you will not achieve success if you are not prepared for it. So you have to get out there and be armed with whatever you need to sell yourself or your work. 

4. Be Unapologetically Confident 

If you find yourself lacking confidence about your art or when speaking about your art, it may be time to revisit TIP #1. Pay attention to how you speak about yourself and your practice. If you aren't convinced about your gifts, no one else will be and you will not be successful.

5. Above All Others, Listen to Yourself

 Every good artist has good people that help them, however this doesn't mean that you should ditch your integrity and gut feelings about your art and business every time one of your people suggests something. You always know whats best for you. No one else. This means you know when it's best for you to listen to others, or to simply listen to your heart.

BIO | Ekow Nimako was born in Montreal, Canada and studied Fine Arts at York University. His current exhibition Building Black investigates the on-going complexities of black identity with artworks made completely out of LEGO®. His sculptures and merchandise will be available over the holidays at the first annual Black Market held by B.A.N.D in Parkdale.