ARTIST INSIGHT | Grant writing

Filmmaker + Arts administator Norma Garcia shares some tips for creative succesfful grant applications

TOP 5 TIPS : Successful Grant Proposals

1. Know your project proposal well.  This means that you must know what it is that you want to do with the grant, you don’t necessarily have to have every detail of your project proposal already worked out, but you must at the very least know what it is that you want to do with the grant.  Is it a play you want to write, what is it about? Is it a film you want to make? What will the subject be? Etc.
2. Call the council/organization that is offering the grant with any questions you might have.  It is better to ask before starting to apply, especially, if you have questions around eligibility to apply.  You don’t want to do the entire application just to later find out that you can’t apply for the grant.
3.  Read the entire application first before beginning to write a single word.  You will inevitably have questions to ask the council/organization after reading the entire application.
4. Have at least one person read the application before submitting it; it helps to make sure that the wording is clear and engaging.
5. Give yourself time to complete the application.  Don’t rush the process of applying, you don’t want to be doing this last minute!
ABOUT| Norma Garcia

Born in El Salvador and raised in Toronto, Norma Garcia is a documentary video maker and avid supporter of the arts. She has featured her short documentary videos at the National Film Board of Canada and recently at the Alucine, Latin American Media and Arts Festival in Toronto. Norma holds the position of the Senior Grants Assistant for the Toronto Arts Council. She has worked and volunteered in Toronto’s arts community since she graduated from the Cultural Studies program at York University. Norma’s previous work experience also includes serving as a Program Coordinator for the National Film Board of Canada. In addition, Norma is involved with providing grant workshops to support Latin American and Canadian artists in the city of Toronto.