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Online Sector Resources

For arts organizers throughout the province, we know this is an unusual and unexpected time. The arts, culture and heritage sectors contribute billions to the province’s economy, but are often the first hit when a crisis emerges. For Ontario Culture Days, we have always believed one of our strengths is our province-wide, cross-sector network of organisers, all of whom believe in the value of sharing and celebrating arts and culture with their region. Now more than ever, we want to use the collective brain power of our Culture Days community to pull together and weather this storm.

There are many resources emerging for artists and arts organizers available to use, adapt and make our own. This page will be a hub for the resources, and a landing page for the arts community to learn about the tools available.

Culturedays is regularly update the page with new content that they feel best supports our own unique sector in Ontario. If you are currently working on resources, or discover something that could be used by the network, please submit a listing here.

Resources include:

  • Webinars, talks and live events
  • Communications and marketing
  • Programming
  • Financial and business

Browse the resources here.