Insight | I like to feel the moment, from within. It is always different at any given time, and it initiates the  artistic process and drives innovation. Feeling a moment, helps create a new form of expression, in a creative way. It is great to explore the splash of colors on a medium, feel the expression, let it flow and enjoy the outcome and its interplay with light. Light always makes a piece of art look different, depending on its intensity, and color.

Positive Change | As we play with our thoughts and create a piece of art, the connection with an art piece, as it unfolds, releases moods, emotions, thoughts and manifests on a medium, and in the process, it makes one feel an elevated mood and satisfaction. It creates a positive impact on the mind. People feel happy, satisfied and excited when they see the outcome of the artistic exploration.

Advice | Paint with a passion. Paint from the heart. Paint what you feel. Be emotive about your artistic expression. Feel what you want to create-Imagine it, delve on it, and go for it-and you will create something special always!


ABOUT | Nina Shah

Nina describes her work as “dynamic” springing from her interest in the unknown, mysticism and meditation, imaginative images and inspirations, stormy, intense and color contrasting emotions and thoughts in the environment.

She loves to delve into the depths of science, energy, physics, biology and the interplay of elements – colour and light, depth and transparency. These have led her to create abstract, never ending space, the expression of emotions and thoughts on to canvas, glass, clay and other media.

Nina is inspired by her surroundings, nature and reality, which draws her to paint landscapes, seascapes and foliage, seasons, plants, flowers, animals, butterflies and their surroundings.