Artist Spotlight | Carlos Delgado

Do you have any upcoming events or projects that you would like to share?

I will be showcasing for the first time in public my new series "Being Human in The System" at the upcoming Artist Project Feb 18 - 21.

More information here


What is your creative process like?

My process is one of observing all that is around me, and then translating it onto canvas. I play around with different techniques, but lately, I mostly use simple lines and a loose sketching technique. There are often blocks of colour throughout the canvas which capture the images and stories I observe and perceive. 


How has your style changed over the years?

My style is always evolving. I’m not afraid to experiment - I think that’s is a very central part to my work and style. I have gone from realistic to abstract, to a mix of both, but mostly, I just like to play around and find different ways to evolve my work. I have been learning how to create more simplicity in my art, and to know when a painting is finished. 





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