Art Venue Accessibility

This resource is a new and ongoing initiative of Access Visual Art, AccessTO and Akimbo and aims to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information about the physical accessibility features of art venues.

Access Visual Art (AVA) is an online information resource dedicated to providing physical accessibility information about Ontario’s art venues.

This resource includes image-rich and detailed reports gathered from surveys and site audits, presenting up-to-date profiles on the accessibility features of venues such as museums, galleries, studios, theatres and other facilities used by the visual arts sector.

As people with physical disabilities, we often do not have access to enough information and support to know which venues we can go to or how we might engage with art spaces. AVA is a response to this existing gap, building a portal to accessibility in the visual art sector because no such resource database yet existed. While many existing platforms use a crowdsourcing model that is limited to a few categories without precise explanations, AVA uses research methods based on surveys and audits that results in accurate and reliable data. The barrier is not that people have disabilities, but that our built environments can be disabling!

Click here for Accessibility Information Portal for Art Venues, your ‘accessibility check’ for art galleries, museums and art spaces across Ontario.