Peer-to-Peer Professional Growth and Development for the Arts Sector

From project management to video production, marketing to communications, this 8-video series was designed for self-employed artists and arts organizations by artists and cultural leaders in the community, sharing skills and information on a variety of practical professional development topics.

 Grid photo of 8 speakers. Text overlay of program title and logos.

Full Spectrum was created in response to surveys and stakeholder interviews conducted by the Ottawa Arts Council with Ottawa’s artistic community, seeking feedback on services they wished to see prioritized by the Council. With resounding results, the need for professional development programming was identified. With this in mind, the Council has set out to create this instructional offering.

The series is now available in English. Watch with French, Arabic or Chinese subtitles by changing the Closed Captioning language.

Session include:

Brand Strategy: How to Create a Compelling Strategy for Artists, facilated by Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah. Brand expert Debbie Owusu advises you on how to build a personal brand without losing your authentic self. Along with sharing tips and tricks to create an online social media presence and develop a network in and out of the office, Debbie imparts her “My Possibility Model” to exemplify why finding a community is important.

Going Digital: Moving Your Performance Online faciliated by Allison Burns. Choreographer Allison Burns discusses the possibilities of going digital with your dance. In this video, Allison shares her tips for selecting shots to create a cohesive and visually interesting piece, and explores strategies for engaging with your audience leading up to and during a digital performance.

Patreon: The Ins and Outs of Peer Funding by Colin White. Freelance illustrator and artist Colin White tells you why patronage in the digital age is important, and how to approach using a platform like Patreon. This video is for anyone creating art, interested in delving into the world of arts patronage, or looking for alternative ways to support their creative practice.

Brand Longevity: Localising, Evolving, and Diversifying Your Brand Over Time by Kwende Kefentse. Creative director of TIMEKODE Kwende Kefentse tells you why localising your brand is key to sustaining its longevity. Kwende leads by example to show you why evolving your brand is part of its growth, and how to diversify your brand within the arts ecosystem.

NFTs: A New Revenue Generator for Digital Arts by Carmilla Sumantry. Artist Carmilla Sumantry helps you decide if NFTs are right for you. In this video, Carmilla introduces you to ways the technology could be used to add a layer of creativity to the way you share or present your work, and help you get started on the first steps to using NFT technology as a means of elevating your arts career or business.

Advocacy: a Tool Guide to Using Your Voice for Action in the Arts by Fae Johnstone. Fae Johnstone, Executive Director and Co-Owner of Wisdom2Action (W2A), shows you how to scale up your advocacy with stories and facts to strengthen your message and maximize your impact. Fae leads the seminar on crafting an advocacy agenda with advice on understanding your audience, getting attention, and taking the time to care for yourself.

Get Insured: Navigating the World of Liability Insurance faciliated by Colette Mendenhall. President of Assurart Colette Mendenhall is a specialized insurance broker who focuses on answering the insurance needs of the arts world. To help you find adequate insurance policies that best cover you, Colette shares information about 5 different types of insurance: general liability, content, insurance for art objects, public art insurance, and media liability insurance.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Best Practices in Creating Authentic Change by Sharon Nyangweso. Founder and CEO of QuakeLab Sharon Nyangweso helps you address equity injustice in a way that gets you real, tangible solutions and not just ‘listening and learning’. Enraged by institutions that were insisting on using tried and failed methods to address huge systemic problems, Sharon gives you what you need to approach your industry with equity and justice.