Dreamscapes: The Ratl

'The Ratl' is an original mindfulness audio piece created by RBC Newcomer Artist Award recipient Siavash Kaveh, accompanied by Iranian vocalist Milad Bagheri. 'The Ratl' is composed based on the first line of the sonnet 'Seize the Moment' by Iranian poet Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh. The goal of this sonic experience is to remind the audience to be mindful in every moment of life through the medium of sound. Applying various audio manipulation techniques including time-stretching, granulation, and long reverbs allows the audience to hone in on particular moments in the music, pay attention to the most minute of their constitutive elements, and listen with a novel approach. In moments, it is as if time is frozen, and we become mere observers of happenings. 'The Ratl' promotes one of the ancient Iranian mottos: "To be delighted for this moment; this moment is your life". 

Inspired by the future of musical diversity and multiculturalism in Canada and based on an Iranian poem, this song represents the dream the artist has for future generations of Iranian-Canadian musicians and citizens in Canada.

About the artists:

Siavash Kaveh is an Iranian electronic-music composer/performer based in Toronto. He integrates technology and computer-assisted sounds in Iranian traditional music to explore novel sonic experiences and build a musical landscape originating from a broader range of sounds and musical genres. His works transcend the compositional forms of Iranian traditional music and its instrumental gestures into the realm of wide-open synthesized music. Siavash graduated from Iranian Music Performance, specializing in kamancheh and daf, from the University of Art in Iran (2011) and obtained his Master's degree in Music Technology from the University of Toronto (2019). He was a gold medalist at the second national Kamancheh Competition at the University of Art with more than a decade playing solo and chamber music -the highlight is his solo performance of Mychael Dana's score with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (2015). His artistic works are generously supported by Neighbourhood Arts Network, Ontario and Toronto Arts Council, and The Canada Council for the Arts.

Milad Bagheri was born in Kermanshah, Iran, and pursued his vocal studies with Dr. Mehdi Shams Niknam. He currently lives in Toronto and continues his artistic journey in Canada. He has collaborated with 'Dang Show', one of the first Iranian fusion bands, as a singer (2015-19), 'Daroon Ensemble', and 'Liberty Square Band'. Milad is educated in classical opera and recently participated in 'Roudabeh Operetta' as a 'Zal' with Ayrik Ensemble. As a soloist and a chorister, Milad cooperated with several choir ensembles including 'Farahang', 'Masaya', 'Namira'. He is actively working with well-known individual artists such as Babak Amini, Kabin, Xashrav, and Dynatonic. Milad is currently working on a solo album.