ARTIST INSIGHTS | Dance Creative Rights

Christine Moynihan Actor, Producer & Executive Director share her tips for protecting your creative rights as a dancer

TOP 5 TIPS | Dance rights

1. Remember that you are a creative artist – and a creative business person. If you don’t look for ways to protect and make a living from your creative capital, someone else will

2. Always have a contract that should clearly state:

That you retain the rights to your choreography
Details any royalty payments
Details any exclusivity agreements
Make sure you read, understand and agree with everything in the contract.

3. If you do “work for hire” (where the employer retains the rights to your choreography) make sure you 

Have a contract

Are fully comfortable with giving up your choreographic rights
Know the industry standards around payment and buy-out
Ensure that you are credited as the choreographer

4. Know where to get help and advice

ACTRA | Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
CAEA   | Canadian Actors Equity Association 
CADA  | Canadian Alliance of Dance Alliance
ALAS   | Artists’ Legal Advice Services
CIPO   | Canadian Intellectual Property Office

5. Get an agent – particularly if doing film, commercials, and for-profit theatre, industrials, etc