ARTIST INSIGHT | Protecting Your Creative Rights

Ashley McKenzie-Barnes. Visual Arts Director at Manifesto & Senior Designer at Elemental Agency shares her tips for celebrating and protecting your work.

Top 5 Tips | Celebrating your work and Protecting your creative rights

1. Brand your work.

Giving your work an identity not only increases its value and shows continuity. It also creates a foundation for you to build from on multiple platforms and helps to leverage greater exposure.

2. Be your own investor.

Investments aren't only monetary. Investing time is just as important. Commit to your work — and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve the success you seek. 

3. Do your research.

What are the success stories you can learn from? What trends and tools are people paying attention to that can potentially benefit your work?

4. Create partnerships and/or liaises.

Connect yourself with organizations, artists and communities that support and celebrate the type of work you do. The stronger your partnerships, the wider your network becomes. 

5. Protect your brand/name.

What are the ways you want to expose your work and how do you protect and copyright your work while doing so? Make sure your work is always protected and/or credited visually.