The 5 Facilitation Game Changers

A toolkit by Partnerships for Youth Empowerment

Want to make the most of the time you spend on ice-breakers and warm up games? In this e-book, you will learn how to use 5 Game Changing elements to do just that. Partners for Youth Empowerment is a US non-profit and UK Charity dedicated to unleashing the creative potential of young people. Thousands of teachers and facilitators around the world use our Creative Empowerment Model. This dynamic learning approach combines experiential education, group facilitation, and arts-based practices to create inclusive learning environments where people thrive. Think you’re not creative enough to use the arts in your work? Never fear. Creative Facilitation is based on the premise that every one of us is creative and that you can use the arts in your work with no previous arts experience. You just need the courage to try something new and see how it works. Use these Game Changers to transform typical facilitation activities into experiences that delight and engage your participants.

Access the book here.

The 5 Facilitation Game Changers- book cover