Welcome to the Neighbourhood Arts Network Learning Room and the 'Learning' Section. This is where you'll find valuable information about workshops, programs, places and spaces that may help enrich your practice.

We’ve designed this space to direct you to specific professional development opportunities, online learning, lesson plans, funding initiatives, toolkits, reports and information that is relevant to artists and organizations in the community engaged arts sector. If there is anything you would like to see added to this section, do not hesitate to contact us today!

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | Creative Partnerships

    Artist, Architect and Co-founder of Under the Radar LOFT JAVID shares his best practise on building healthy, successful and creative partnerships. Javid is currently based out of 185Augusta, a live-work studio-gallery representing toronto community-based artists

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | Grant writing

    Filmmaker + Arts administator Norma Garcia shares some tips for creative succesfful grant applications

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | Self promotion & Marketing

    Spoken Word Artist and founder of a R.I.S.E Edutainment Randell Adjei shares tools and techniques on Self Promotion, marketing and branding.

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | The Art of Social Media

    Artist, curator and Social Media Director James Fowler shares his techniques and best practices for bringing together arts professionals and the public for social and academic dialogues, development, mentorship and community building.

  • ARTIST INSIGHTS | Dance Creative Rights

    Christine Moynihan Actor, Producer & Executive Director share her tips for protecting your creative rights as a dancer

  • Making A Living. Making Art.

    Neighbourhood Arts Network and community partners come together throughout the year to offer a lively round table speakers event where artists and industry experts provide valuable information and insights on Making a Living. Making Art.

  • Community Arts Jam

    A gathering and skill share for community-engaged artists, creative facilitators and artist educators. We create space to come together, share best practices, lead or test our creative ideas, build new resources and get creative with one.

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | Culture Days

  • Artfare Essentials

    This intensive 6 day workshop on the principles and practices of art that engages with and creates community; A 6-day exhilarating experiential journey of learning and artmaking; Everything (or many things!) you need to know to launch your own project; Open to artists from all forms and traditions and others with an interest in community-engaged arts; A blend of presentations, discussions, hands-on activities, creative explorations and take-home resources;

  • ARTIST INSIGHT | Protecting Your Creative Rights

    Jonny Bunce a.k.a. Jonny Dovercourt, Founding Director of Wavelength Music discusses being a promoter in the live independent music community and his take on “protecting your creative rights”