We are looking for fabulous and fun people to help us make Emergence Week (November 19-23) a success!

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Volunteering is a great way to gain experience working with dedicated industry professionals, get exclusive insights, and gain skills that will be fulfilling and useful to you. Join our Emergence team today! 

Emergence Week Schedule:

November 19 | Community Arts Activations
November 20 | Community Arts Activations
November 21 | Emergence Symposium full day conference
November 22 | Community Arts Activations
November 23 | TD Community Arts Award reception


Registration Desk 
November 21 and 23

Do you have excellent organization skills? Do you stay cool and collected under pressure? In this role you will work with  symposium organizers to manage the registration desk at the start of the event's activities. You will help register participants, facilitators, and/or performers, provide them with information about the day’s activities, and answer any questions they may have.

November 21 and 23

Are you a sociable person who loves interacting with and helping people? In this role you will be stationed in various locations throughout the event to help welcome symposium participants, facilitators, and performers, distribute programmes or other information materials, and generally be the friendly face that everyone can look to if they have questions, need directions, or anything else that they need to help ensure that their symposium experience is a positive and enriching one.

Event Assistant
November 19-23

Are you a hands-on person with a can-do attitude and an uncanny ability to anticipate and address problems even before they happen? In this role you will be assigned to a particular community activation or conference room in order to ensure that organizers, facilitators or performers have everything they need to put on a successful event. In this role you may be asked to hand out materials to participants, locate and retrieve missing equipment, or to set up, tear-down, or move equipment, tables, or chairs.

Food Service Assistant
November 21 and 23

Do you love cook? Perhaps you have some experience working in the food services industry? In this role you will assist event organizers, caterers and venue facilities staff to set up, serve, and clean up after breakfast and/or lunch. You may be asked to hand out or take meal tickets, manage crowds during meal-times, or help serve food.

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