Community Arts Award

Celebrating the vital contributions that artists and organizations make in Toronto’s communities.

"This award gave me the support and recognition I needed at that crucial moment moving between emerging and mid-career. The support was invaluable and allowed me to create new and exciting work around diversity in the city!"  Syrus Marcus Ware, 2017 Community Arts Award recipient


About: The Community Arts Award is a $10,000 cash prize, with finalists receiving $1,000. The award celebrates an arts organization or collective that has made a significant contribution in Toronto by working with, in and for communities, while increasing access to arts and culture. The Community Arts Award is administered by Toronto Arts Foundation's Neighbourhood Arts Network and is sponsored by MOD Developments Inc

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for the award, all nominees must demonstrate a commitment and/or focus on community-engaged arts and access to arts and culture in Toronto. The nominee may not be awarded more than one Toronto Arts Foundation award within any given year.

In addition, the nominee must:

  • be a Toronto based organization/collective that has been in operation for one year or more;

  • have contributed significantly to the arts and culture of Toronto

  • demonstrate a commitment to or focus on community-engaged arts

  • may only receive the award once (this does not preclude a recipient from being considered for a different Toronto Arts Foundation award in the future)

  • not be serving as board or committee members of the Toronto Arts Foundation or Toronto Arts Council

  • nominees are welcome to nominate themselves


How to Apply:

  1. Visit
  2. Create a Smart Simple account 
  3. Submit your nomination form

Please Note:

  • Nominees can save their application at any time before submission by clicking ‘Save Draft.’ Nominees can log-in and out of TAF Awards portal as many times as needed before clicking ‘Submit.’
  • Please ensure you are on the Toronto Arts Foundation Awards portal and NOT the Toronto Arts Council grants portal.

Here is some information you can prepare in advance for the online application:

  1. A short explanation of why the nominee should be considered for the award, explain how their body of work reflects their commitment to community arts. 
  2. 100 word bio of the nominee. 
  3. CV/resume (maximum 2 pages). 
  4. Support material: this can be in the form of print material such as published materials, press clippings, or audio/visual items. Accepted file formats will be listed in the online application form.

Please contact Angie at email angie(at)torontoarts(dot)org

*The Community Arts Award was established in 2013 as the TD Diversity Award, and later re-named the Community Arts Award in 2018. The Community Arts Award is presented in the fall of each year.