Meet the Team

Angie Aranda, Manager (she/her)


Angie has an extensive background in partnership development, event management and communications, with numerous years of arts administration experience, previously working for Entertainment One Television, Cookie Jar Entertainment and York University. She is an active member of the arts community, particularly through her photography practice. She holds a Double Honours BA from York University with a focus on Film & Video and Communication Studies. Angie is also a member on the advisory board for East End Arts and AVNU. Angie is inspired by discovering unusual beauty in unexpected places.


Angie oversees operations at Neighbourhood Arts Network and manages the RBC Newcomer Arts Award, the RBC Space Award and Community Arts Award programs. 

Norma GarciaNorma Garcia, Digital & Education Coordinator (she/her)

Norma is an arts administrator, grants consultant and independent filmmaker. Her previous work experience includes serving as a program coordinator for the National Film Board, as a senior grants assistant for the Toronto Arts Council, and as a content coordinator for BravoFACT. Norma is excited about sharing narratives that speak about the positive impact that artistic work has in Toronto's communities.

Norma manages Neighbourhood Arts Network social media accounts and is currently the Youth Liasion for ArtWorksTO: Skills for a Creative Future.


Eva Hellreich, Events & Outreach Coordinator (they/she)

Eva is passionate about expanding her world view through learning from others through the arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English (2015) and a Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement (2018) and is an emerging creative writer and photographer. Eva has worked and volunteered in a variety of sectors in Toronto including research, entertainment, tourism, education, and various non-profit sectors. Eva’s personal and academic background has fostered an interest in how storytelling can inform policy and foster social and political inclusion. Their goal is to more thoroughly conceptualize what an effective anti-oppression framework can look like in arts and culture policy and implementation. 

Eva leads member communications, manages Neighbourhood Arts Network memberships, and curates and coordinates programs including Making a Living, Making Art, Mentor in ResidenceCritical Narratives, Let's Talk Art and Newcomer Week. Eva also supports mentor matching for prospective applicants of Toronto Arts Council's Newcomer & Refugee Artist Mentorship Program with Inés, and leads reception planning for RBC Award Recipients and the Community Arts Award.

Inés Aguileta, Senior Program Coordinator (she/her)

Inés is an arts administrator who also brings a deep background in project management. She has been involved in the arts community for nearly a decade but has been passionate about the arts since childhood. After graduating from York University’s Honours Graphic Design program, she relocated to Spain where she earned her Master’s in Cultural Project Management at the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Upon her return to Toronto, she undertook the Marketing and PR Manager role at Soundstreams. Since then, she has volunteered at TEDx Boston, TIFF, and The Toronto Maker Festival. Currently, at the Toronto Arts Foundation, she coordinates numerous programs for Neighbourhood Arts Network. Inés is an avid globetrotter and lover of culture, beginning with that of her native Mexico. She believes her experiences working and living in many other parts of the world have greatly benefitted her understanding and respect of many different cultures and forms of artistic expression.

Inés leads the partnership with the City of Toronto for Youth Week and ArtWorksTO: Skills for a Creative Future as well as the Outreach and Programming for the latter. She also works with Eva on mentor matching support to prospective applicants of Toronto Arts Council's Newcomer & Refugee Artist Mentorship Program.

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