CALL TO INDIGENOUS ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS | Public Art for New Park at 234 Simcoe Street, Toronto

The City of Toronto invites practicing artists and designers (including teams) to submit their Expression of Interest to the first stage of a public art competition.

Artist/Designer Design Fee: $60,000.00 (+HST)
Maximum Budget for Artwork (including all material and fabrication costs): $200,000.00 (+HST), 10% of the projected park budget.

Submissions must be received by: 9am Friday July 8, 2022.

Email submissions and questions to: copy:

Please use subject line: [last name], [first name]_ 234 Simcoe park
Submissions must not exceed 20 MB size

Please contact or call 437-235-7022 for important supplementary material.

The artist(s)/ designer(s) will be selected through an open, two-stage competition. The finalist will be awarded a design contract and will be paid a fee of $60,000.00 (+HST) for an individual artist or split between a design team, for design and consultation services (including contract administration, project management, travel and other incidental expenses), working closely with staff of PF&R; the project landscape architect NAK Design Strategies; developer Lanterra 234 Simcoe Realty Limited; and other community partners to refine their concept proposal to the requirements of the site and other conditions for project realization.

The Purpose of the Artist/ Designer Call
The selected Indigenous artist/ designer will be responsible for leading the integration of artwork into the landscape architect’s park design. Integrated cohesive artwork could include a paving pattern, lighting design, or site furniture (like seating, entrance feature, shade structures or fencing design etc.). The artist/ designer will be responsible for developing a balanced approach to their design in contrast to the use of relics in the park. The landscape architect will be the project lead, and will collaborate and coordinate with the Indigenous artist/ designer from concept to implementation.

The selected artist’s/ designer’s scope:

  • Develop integrated artwork design from concept stage to implementation.
  • Collaborate with the landscape architect to ensure coordination and integration with the landscape architect’s design.
  • Produce materials, as required, for the meetings noted in the supplementary material, and coordinate this material with the landscape architect. This material must be clear to the public, and could include sketches or renderings.
  • Engagement will be led by the City of Toronto, but the artist/ designer will be responsible for speaking to their artwork in the stakeholder and public meetings.
  • Refine the concept to address feedback from the meetings.
  • Refine the concept based on comments from City staff to address maintenance concerns and functionality.
  • Monitor art work budget and provide input on artwork materials budget to landscape architect.
  • Oversee the fabrication and installation of the art work alongside the landscape architect.

Two-Stage Competition

Stage 1: Request for Expression of Interest: May – July 2022
A selection panel has been created by City staff, made up of Indigenous panelists. This selection panel will be reviewing the long-list of qualified artists/ designer, based on artistic excellence and demonstrated or perceived ability to create and execute an innovative, engaging artwork that will be complementary to the overall design scheme and community context.

The long-listed artists’/ designers’ submissions will be reviewed by the selection panel to select a 5-artist/ designer short list to proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2: Request for Proposals: August 2022 – October 2022
The short-listed artists/ designers will be notified in August 2022, and invited to create a design proposal for a site furnishing item as noted above that will direct and inspire their overall collaborative approach for the greater park design if selected. A detailed Terms of Reference project document will be provided to guide short-listed artists.

Short-listed artists/ designers will be paid a fee of $1000.00 (+HST) for this stage.

Short-listed artists/ designers will present their proposals to the selection panel in October 2022. Presentations will be held virtually.

The selection panel will choose a finalist whose proposal responds best to the site, both conceptually and technically, and who has the ability or perceived ability to conceive and artwork on this site.

Proposed Competition Timeline:
May 31, 2022: EOI issued
July 8, 2022: EOI submissions due
July 25th-29th, 2022: Selection panel meeting #1: 5 artists short-listed
Week of August 8th: Short-listed artists notified
Week of September 19th: Stage 2 Proposals Due
Mid of October 2022 (date TBC): Artist interviews and selection

The selected artist/ designer will enter into a contract with Lanterra 234 Simcoe Realty Limited. Payments will be made by Lanterra 234 Simcoe Realty Limited.

Submission Requirements
You are invited to submit a single pdf document. This pdf document must be labeled with name (Last Name First Name_ 234 Simcoe) and include:

  • CV (one for each team member, if applicable)
  • Brief artist/ designer statement outlining interest in project, showing relevant experience, ability, and general artistic approach.
  • Maximum ten (10) images of work, with caption including title, materials, dimensions, location, and commissioning body (if applicable).
  • Names and contact information for two references (preferably from recent projects).

All candidate submissions will be reviewed and a successful candidate will be chosen by a specially convened selection panel made up of Indigenous artist/designers.

Submissions must be received by: 9am Friday July 8, 2022.

Email submissions and questions to: copy:

Please use subject line: [last name], [first name]_ 234 Simcoe park
Submissions must not exceed 20 MB size

Please contact or call 437-235-7022 for important supplementary material.

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