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International Call
Bare Oaks, Canada

Facilitator: Teresa Ascencao

Program Dates:  August 7 – 17, 2018
Submission Deadline: *one spot has become available, until filled

Naked State is a 10-day residency to create artworks that explore the nude human body in context of nature, culture and art. For the duration of the residency, the artists and residency Facilitator live as *naturists (in the nude) within the naturist community of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park to create works that explore questions such as: What is nudity? Does stripping away clothing rid us of class, gender, and personal expression?; Do the connections between our bodies and the land change when nude? Is nudity always sexual? What is the role of the nude in historical and contemporary art?; Is an animal with fur naked? Is it possible to be civil in the nude?; Is there a natural state for human being? Residents work individually or collaboratively to create artworks that explore these questions through media of their choice, such as photography, video, installation, drawing, painting, performance art, dance, sound art, media art, etc. Naked State welcomes people in all walks of life into a creative journey of criticality thinking and self-discovery. Indigenous, people with disabilities, people of colour and diverse gender identifications are encouraged to apply. 

This programmed residency offers facilitation by multimedia artist Teresa Ascencao, a seminar on naturism with *Stéphane Deschênes, a creative workshop, guest visits by artists and members of the Bare Oaks naturist community, and plenty of studio time. Critiques of residents’ works occur on a regular basis, individually with the Facilitator and through facilitated group discussions. Artists are encouraged to socialize and integrate with the Bare Oaks community at campfires, swimming, sharing meals, and through the creation of artworks. The Bare Oaks community will be invited to the introductory resident artist talks, guest seminar with Stéphane, and scheduled studio visits with artists (who wish to participate). The closing event will be open to members of Bare Oaks and the public.

Submit your Application via email to Teresa Ascencao at as follows: write “Naked State / First_&_Last_name” in the subject line; include a short proposal describing the work you intend to explore during the residency; a short statement describing your practice and past work, a short bio; 5 jpeg images (each under 1MB) that best represent the work you propose, a link to your website (or link to your work on the web); and your CV. 

Deadline: Open until position is filled.

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