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Tout-Monde: Markham Opening Night

Presented by Varley Art Gallery of Markham

September 14 - January 05, 2020 Opening Night Saturday, September 14, 2019 7 to 9 PM
Varley Art Gallery of Markham
216 Main Street Unionville
Fee:  Free


This event is Accessible.
This event is Family Friendly.
Signal Fire directed by Alice shin - One of the six exhibition film

About the Exhibition:

Andrew Chung, Annette Mangaard, Julieta Maria, Calyx Passailaigue, Roberto Santaguida, Alice Shin

Tout-Monde: Markham seeks to engage with the delicate, yet timely discourse about encountering and representing the other. The project is inspired by the ideas of Martiniquais poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant (1928 – 2011). Building on his in-depth explorations of the history of slavery, and of créolisation, Glissant imagined le Tout-Monde (“the whole-world”) where “relationships between two or more identities that are masters to themselves, would rely on changing by exchanging.”

With its diverse communities, Markham offers an interesting context within which to explore Glissant’s ideas. Six artists working with film were commissioned to engage with community members from backgrounds different from their own, thus stimulating the exploration of various means of perception and interaction with others. Ultimately, this project aims to generate a series of personal or collective encounters between artists and communities, as well as between neighbours, between friends and between strangers.

The artworks presented in the exhibition Tout-Monde: Markham are commissioned by Elegoa Cultural Productions with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, New Chapter Program, in partnership with the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

Curated by Catherine Sicot and Anik Glaude

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