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Toronto Lit Up: The Ticking Heart

September 17 - September 17, 2019 7:00 PM
The Monarch Tavern
12 Clinton St.
Fee:  Free


Join Coach House Books and the Toronto International Festival of Authors in celebrating the release of Andrew Kaufman’s The Ticking Heart through Toronto Lit Up!

About The Ticking Heart:

Part modern fable, part detective novel, a journey through grief in the imaginary world of MetaphoriaOne cold winter night, Charlie shares a cab with a stranger in a purple hat. As they talk, a cloud of purple smoke overwhelms him and he wakes up to find himself behind the only desk in the Epiphany Detective Agency. Charlie, as it turns out, is trapped in Metaphoria, an otherworldly place that reality has forgotten, a place where everything means something else. His first client is Shirley Kintsugi, who insists on hiring Charlie to find her husband’s missing heart. In fact, she’s so insistent that she replaces Charlie’s heart with a bomb. He has twenty-four hours to find Twiggy Kintsugi’s heart – and its meaning – or his own will explode.

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