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Presented by Gallery 1313

February 14 - February 25, 2024 Wed-Sat 1-5pm Sun. 1-4pm
Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St. West
Fee:  Free


This event is Accessible.

Cell Gallery : LISTEN works by Hugh Alcock CELL GALLERY
My approach is best described as poetic or lyrical. My drawings, of charcoal and pastels on board or canvas, primarily project a mood, and in this sense are contemplative in nature. A recent work, for instance, ‘Listening’ gets its title from a line in a Seamus Heaney poem ‘Oracle’. In it the poet recounts, as a boy, his first intimate communion with nature, involving his hiding in the cleft of a willow tree while playing hide-and-seek. He speaks of listening to nature, and in an ironical sense that is what I encourage in my own work. Here I urge viewers to open up their senses to the natural world – sight, hearing, smell and touch.

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