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Presented by Gallery 1313

October 09 - October 20, 2019 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St. West
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Gallery 1313 Oct. 9-20, 2019
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto
Reception October 10 6:30pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 1 – 6 pm

Cell Gallery : GOD FROM MACHINE works by Murat Yukselir

Last year, my wife and I went to Rome, Italy, and visited the many beautiful museums of the Vatican. I was particularly fascinated by the sculptures at the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, in which were depicted standing and kneeling deities that had human bodies with animal heads. Inspired by this ancient civilization's bestiary, I tried to imagine what a 21st-century equivalent might look like.

This sculpture explores the idea of a modern god by combining machine-made and hand-made art. The golden head is 3-D printed plastic, while the rest is made from a malleable concrete called Winterstone.

Traditional notions of God suggest a transcendent being that is omnipotent,
omniscient and immortal. But through our technology, we try to capture and imitate these mythical traits for our mortal selves. The ubiquitous smartphone, for example, is fast becoming an artificial organ. It allows us to expand our memories and knowledge, and to share our thoughts with distant others. Through incremental advances in genetic engineering, biotechnology, and neurotechnology, our smartphones may soon become inseparable parts of our bodies. As we continue to "improve" ourselves, perhaps no original bio-parts will remain, and we will one day be indistinguishable from machine.

Will we still be individual humans, or will our collective self become as omnipotent, omniscient and immortal as a god? Resistance is futile...

Gallery Hours Wed- Sun . 1-6pm

Gallery 1313 Celebrating 22 Years of Exhibiting Contemporary Art and Supporting Emerging Artists

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