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Game of Crohn's

Presented by Dan Rosen

October 27 - October 30, 2021 8pm, with a 2pm matinee on Oct 30th
Wychwood Theatre
76 Wychwood Avenue, Studio 176
Fee:  $20


This event is Accessible.
This event is Family Friendly.
Dan Rosen recounts his Dad telling him about the Pain Train while getting tested at Sick Kids Hospital.

Dan Rosen uses personal, heartfelt toilet humour to tell his tale about growing up with Crohn's disease.

"[W]ith the light comedic touches in this performance you cannot help but fall in love with the character of this story and sympathize with his plight. […]A nice light show for everyone that teaches as well as entertains." ★★★★
- Shelley Carr, "Theatre In" (London Fringe)

"At its core, it is about living with a chronic illness and finding ways to cope and live, while maintaining one's sense of humour." ★★★★
- Paula Kirman, "Gig City" (Edmonton Fringe)

"...literal toilet humour!"
- Cult MTL (Montreal Fringe)

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