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Duality by Silvana Waniuk & Veiled Reflections by Kiln-formed Glass Artist Lauri Maitland

Presented by Propeller Art Gallery

August 14 - August 25, 2019 12 — 6 pm
Propeller Art Gallery
30 Abell Street
Fee:  Free


This event is Accessible.
This event is Family Friendly.
ASHREI HA'ISH , 2010, 36X30 Acrylic on Canvas, Silvana Waniuk

Silvana Waniuk's non-figurative, symbolic, language is informed by music and harks back to Modernism. It is an apt vehicle to evoke the inner nature of things, giving form to spiritual and psychological realities. I work exclusively with heavy body acrylics and pallet knives. Each painting is the product of a lengthy process involving numerous layers, which add texture and depth, ultimately investing the image with new understanding and closure.

Lauri Maitland is an Eastern Ontario based, kiln- formed glass artist. Glass has a beauty all its own, it’s a perfect example of the battle between strength and fragility. The mixed medium of glass and enamel fuses painting with layers of glass that blend not only the sentiment of the painting but the light and depth that are inherent in the glass itself. Starting out as a portrait artist in graphite and charcoal, the glass and enamel medium was an exciting challenge. Lauri's work is based on simple subjects that examine the bond between people and their surroundings- using the natural attributes of the glass to enhance and elevate it.

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