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Creating Your Desired Travel Document Workshop

Presented by Lakeshore Arts

June 23 - June 23, 2021 7-8:30pm
Lakeshore Arts
Fee:  Free


This event is Family Friendly.

Creating Your Desired Travel Document will be a hands-on workshop that explores ideas behind travel, immigration laws, and borders and therefore, identity documents like passports, visas, and permits. Participants will then create their own desired travel document. This will be followed by a discussion where we collectively reflect on our creations.

This free, virtual workshop is part of Desire(d) Paths, a participatory virtual exhibition by Colectivo Satelital that invites audiences to explore systems of communication, transportation, importation and identification, particularly how these systems relate to the process of navigating national borders.

Material kits will be delivered to participants with all the necessary materials for this workshop, including cardstock, construction paper and drawing utensils.

Workshop is led by Ana Luisa Bernárdez & Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti. Learn more and apply to participate here:

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