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Presented by Gallery 1313

February 14 - February 25, 2024 Wed-Sat 1-5pm Sun. 1-4pm
Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St. West
Fee:  Free


This event is Accessible.

Main & Process Galleries A SEX SHOW
This is a group curated exhibition that was put together from an open call for submissions and has become a gallery 1313 staple. Sex is many things to different people and this has never become more evident in the range of diverse submissions that are sent in . The end result is an exhibition that will make people laugh , think and talk . curated by Phil Anderson
Participating artists include Amiel Sandland , Courtney McKay Fairweather , Kate Greenway, Raffi Anderian , Franziska Biarczyk, Ken Vincent, Christine Hirtescu, Anna Golding , Kim Hunter, Tommy Feiler, Miska Peachka, Anna Rabotnikova, Vanessa Lafolla , Gina Daloisio, Crystal Zhang , Anna Golding , Bill Ward , Anna Tanner , Margo Puhachenko , Jesus Mora, Farrokh Nooroney , Alsa St. Rose , Brian Ginther ,Michael Cooper, Francis Pitsadiotir, Mariia Charuta , Mahsa Hossini , Russel Klein and others.

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