Let's Talk Art

Let's Talk Art is a free professional skills development workshop series which brings together acclaimed professional artists, arts leaders and creative businesses to share best practices and tools with newcomers to help in the development of their creative practice in Canada.



Live Lunch Chats features artists and creatives reflecting on their arts practice and how the sector has adapted one year into the pandemic. Tune in at 12PM via @neighbourhoodarts Instagram Live. 


  • Leila Fatemi: Wednesday April 7 @ 12PM
  • Jessa Aglio: Thursday April 8 @ 12PM
  • Jason Samilski:  Friday April 9th @ 12PM
  • Alvis Choi: Thursday April 15 @ 12PM
  • Naty Tremblay: Friday April 16 @ 12PM

About the Speakers:

Leila Fatemi is an emerging artist, curator and community arts worker based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Living between cultures, her work and curatorial endeavors stem from her daily experiences as a visible minority and aim to provide platforms and contribute alternative narratives to conversations of ethnic representation in contemporary art. In 2020 she was a finalist for the Toronto Arts Foundation emerging artist award. During the live, she will be sharing a snapshot of her creative pursuits over the last year while reflecting on pressures to stay productive, experimenting in new mediums and dealing with burn out. 

Jessa Agilo is founder of ArtsPond and the pandemic mutual aid network, I Lost My Gig Canada. In this talk, Jessa shares her evolving perspectives on personal and collective well-being, reciprocity, and respect in an increasingly digital world after a year of COVID-19 shutdowns.

Jason Samilski is the Managing Director of CARFAC Ontario, and formerly a Co-Creative Director of CUE. He has spent the last decade with CUE creating cultural infrastructure for marginalized communities and artists including high-access grants, employment, mentorship, residencies, and exhibition opportunities. With CARFAC Ontario, Jason is leading the development of projects that focus on advocacy for artists who experience social, cultural, and economic marginalization, and has supported the development of a new fee calculator for online events. He and the CARFAC Ontario team have been working to address the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the provincial arts and culture sector. 

Alvis Choi a.k.a. Alvis Parsley, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a queer nonbinary semi-retired artist whose artistic traces could be seen in Toronto, Montreal, Faroe Islands, Berlin, Cardiff, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Alvis will share a few unsuccessful stories of unproductivity, and how retreat and the hyper-awareness of self during quarantine manifest in cultural re-rooting and self acceptance. 

Naty Tremblay is a Muskrat french-metis trans artist, educator & organizer with 20+ years of grassroots experience using the arts to convene communities meaningfully around social & ecological justice & change making. Naty creates multi-media art works, often collaborative large scale initiatives, that offer space for intersectional perspectives & centring the voices of poor, 2SLGBTQ & marginalized peoples. Naty has led radical community arts & media programs with youth at Sketch working Arts for 8+ years & is currently the Executive Director of Rittenhouse: A New Vision, which provides creative capacity building in Transformative Justice practice with criminalized communities. 

Throughout this year of health & racial crisis' in north america & globally, low income & criminalized communities have been exploring what it means to imagine our neighbourhoods without the constant threats of police violence. Defund the Police & Prison Abolition have become mainstream conversations, and in turn communities have been organizing around mutual aid & collectively held Transformative Justice as alternatives. Community engaged arts have an immense role to play in this historical time as a  tool for convening & inspiring movements, for inclusive education, embodied healing, and imagining future possibilities that place communities at the centre of Justice. Join Naty in exploring questions & creative approaches within this work. 


April 29, 2021 @ 4-5:30PM via Zoom

There are many innovative technologies that artists can incorporate, including Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Art and Robotics.

Presented in partnership with DigiArt, this webinar offers an introduction to innovative art-tech tools such as blockchain, VR, AI and augmented reality to discuss how these tools can help artists. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to engage in a community consultation about the utility of these tools in an artist’s practice.

About the Facilitator:

Vandana Taxali (B.A.Sc., J.D., LL.B) is a legal professional and business lawyer (media, technology, software and entertainment) with over a decade of experience in intellectual property (copyright, trademark), licensing, contracts and entertainment law practising at Entcounsel. She is an art arbitrator with the International Court of Art at The Hague.  Vandana is the founder of Artcryption, a platform that protects intellectual property on the blockchain, namely art and creative assets.  She is involved with digiArt, an initiative looking at the innovative art-tech needs for the arts community.  

Vandana is licensed in the Province of Ontario. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law University of Windsor and University of Detroit Mercy Law School. She has a B.A.Sc. from McMaster University. Vandana has mentored various start-ups including at OCAD University incubator, George Brown’s digiFest and The Community Innovation Lab in Oshawa. She teaches intellectual property law at OCAD University’s continuing studies. She is also active in the arts and sits on the Board of Canadian Stage,  Art Gallery of Mississauga (former), Mural Routes and has served on the committees for The Power Plant, ONEXONE, Toronto Art Fair and Canadian Art.