EMERGENCE SYMPOSIUM: Arts & Equity, Leading Social Change

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Artists working on a collaborative writing pieces during Community Arts Jam
Photo by Fonna Seidu

Emergence Symposium was created by Neighbourhood Arts Network, a strategic initiative of Toronto Arts Foundation. This opportunity offers artists and community leaders valuable resources, facilitation skills, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and insights that will empower the community engaged arts sector and further promote more inclusiveness and equitable conditions within the neighbourhoods that our artists work.

The 2018 Emergence Symposium begins on November 19 with 4 days of community arts activations and a full-day conference on November 21. Emergence will convene over 200 community engaged arts practitioners, policy makers and community leaders for reciprocal knowledge exchange and critical discussions surrounding the theme of Arts and Equity. This large-scale symposium will build on the equity dialogue which Neighbourhood Arts Network has explored since its foundation in 2010.

Below is a list of ideas, that will be explored during the 2018 Emergence Symposium: Arts & Equity, Leading Social Change


  • Decolonial arts practices / Decolonial curatorship
  • Indigenous Futures
  • Queering and indigenizing gallery spaces, museums and other art /cultural institutions
  • Afrofuturism


  • Curating as a community practice
  • Rethinking heritage as public spaces/ public art
  • Healing through arts interventions
  • Artistic interventions
  • Engaging audiences with disabilities
  • Performance, live art and the body


  • Sustainable arts practices  
  • Arts and Technology
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Equity
  • Leadership


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