Foundations Stream Recipients

Meet the 2020 Foundations stream recipients!

Lily Huang is a first-generation Chinese-Canadian visual artist and illustrator based in Toronto. Her artistic practice references the history of heritage in technique and materials. Through her artwork, she aims to communicate the intricacies of connection, of people and the world we inhabit, and represents the empowerment and celebration of personhood. In her illustrative practice, she utilizes digital and analog tools to create original designs to be used in web and print media such as conceptual illustration, packaging, and advertising. Check out her Instagram at @hualilee.


Brian Jiang (they/them) is a queer Tkaronto-based designer, illustrator and artist of Chinese descent. They graduated from OCAD U (2020) with a Bachelors of Design (Illustration). Their multidisciplinary work combines both digital and analogue (drawing, painting) media to discuss topics such as identity politics, queerness, communities, and communal spaces. Through their work, they explore the connection between the individual, the community and the greater world. Currently, they are also experimenting with animation and motion graphics. Most recently, they worked as the illustrator for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s  “Get Sensible” campaign which strives to provide evidence-based cannabis-use education for youth. Brian finds inspiration in the formal qualities of folk art, 60’s Japanese Graphic design, Surrealism, print ephemera and the natural world.

                                             Their work can be found at and on Instagram @_brianjiang.

Pranavi Suthagar is a Toronto based designer and artist. She is an OCAD U graduate with over 5 years of industry experience designing at various successful businesses and corporations, and creating commissioned artworks for companies including SONY, Reebok and Atlantic Records. Pranavi is also the creator behind her personal illustration series turned brand Not Sari - an exploration of identity, culture and personal reflections. She also continues to work in the arts sphere through creating illustrations for city wide banners, commissioned mixed media artworks, planters and much more. To learn more about her work you can visit her website at


Paul Daniel Torres is 23 years old videographer who was born and raised in Toronto by Ecuadorian immigrants. A filmmaker, poet, and youth worker, his films have screened at TIFF Next Wave and NFFTY. Paul’s work often deals with identity, race, mental health, family and love (platonic, romantic and familial). He is trying to figure out himself and the world, and hopefully make others laugh, cry and everything else along the way. You can find him on Instagram at @Pauldanieltorres




Selin Ayman is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on digital illustration and graphic design. She experiments with various mediums such as installation, sculpture, and interactive work incorporating themes of experimentation and the human experience. When she is not designing, you can find her making music and dancing. Find her on Instagram at @film_kween



Serville Poblete is a Filipino-Canadian filmmaker based in a highrise community in downtown Toronto known as “Bleecker Street”. His work explores boyhood and sports culture in urban and familial settings. After spending his young adulthood pursuing a professional basketball career in the Philippines, Serville has used the locker room to revise and retell adolescent gender roles and friendships, often in the context of his first-generation immigrant upbringing. Check out his instagram @serville_.



Narika "Lucy" Redding is a filmmaker specializing in contemporary art and directing video productions. Lucy ensures her storytelling skills engages with a diverse audience and generates solidary values. While producing for Red Betty Theatre, Lucy adheres to making space for BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, and women playwrights, and shows a promising new direction for Canadian Theatre and Film. Visit her Instagram at @RedxRebellion.




Mudja Hakime is a Toronto-based artist and graphic designer with 5 years of experience. As a self-taught artist, Mujda enjoys creating dynamic designs to help clients communicate their ideas and strengthen their business or brand. What makes Mujda unique is her combined expertise in visual design, user interaction and illustration. Design is mostly focused on visual organization of information while user interaction is focused on using design principles to enhance user experience. That means creating designs that are accessible, usable, useful, desirable, intuitive and credible. Her skills in graphic design, UI/UX design and Illustration allows her the freedom to create full seamless and cohesive design systems. Previous Clients include York Reserve Unit, Edmonton Reserve Unit, Yorker Magazine, Incite Magazine, McMaster University, Western University, and other private clients. Check out her website at and her Instagrams at @mujdahakime_art and @mujdahakime_design.

River-Jordan Allick is an interdisciplinary artist currently focused on documentary film and creative writing that sheds light on and gives a voice to disadvantaged communities, including currently persons with lived mental health experiences, visible minorities, newcomers and 2SLGBTQIIA+ individuals. River-Jordan wants to use art as a medium to denormalizing stigma and discrimination in Canada.