Arts & Minds 2019

Neighbourhood Arts Network, in partnership with Workman Arts, presents Arts and Minds: Movement Series At Victoria Village, a workshop which explores the theme of mental wellness and storytelling in relation to identity and community. 

Victoria Mata will lead a movement series that explores storytelling with the body in the Victoria Village community. Meet at Parma Park for snacks and stretching followed by class at O’Connor Community Centre. Classes welcome intergenerational participants and will be conducted in Spanish and English. At the end of the series, there will be an opportunity to share the work developed with the community at Victoria Hub. 

There are 6 classes and 1 group performance at the Victoria Hub on Sunday, October 27th as part of the Victoria Village festival hosted by The Ward (performance time TBD). 

About the facilitators:

Victoria Mata is a Venezuelan-Canadian poly-lingual, cross-disciplinary performer, choreographer, dance artist, activist and settler in Tkoronto with a background in expressive arts therapy. Mata’s sensibility to inclusion and passion for border stories is due to her eclectic upbringing in three continents. Mata’s career was first sculpted by pedagogic, self-directed training, which proceeded with local and international with internationally renowned choreographers leading her to showcase her repertoire throughout the Americas. An active member of Toronto's progressive arts community and the abolishment of violence against women, Mata's aspiration is to continue being a catalyst for artistic curiosity. Her Masters in Contemporary Choreography, propelled dialogues between performance and embodied cultural memory, which awarded her the recognition of 2016 Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award finalist.

 Bryan Bravo is a new member of Workman Arts, where he offers peer support services. Bryan Bravo welcomes you to meet him; he has an outgoing personality and likes keeping busy. His days include anything he can use to help grow and fill his schedule. He considers myself a multitalented artist who enjoys helping others. His main passions in life are photography and hip hop, as he find it helps him find balance internally and externally. He find it's important to find positivity and joy in life through our journies.


When: Runs every Thursdsay from 6- 8:30 p.m.

Location: O'Connor Community Centre, 1386 Victoria Park Ave, North York ON M4A 2L8