2014 The Art of Facilitation | Workshop Series

Are you an artist with an amazing talent or skill that you want to teach youth? 

Looking for new employment opportunities within your art form? 

Or, are you just looking to develop and refine your facilitation skills?

The Art of Facilitation is a train-the-trainer workshops series for youth (13-29 years) that infuses popular education techniques with the presentation and facilitation skills needed to engage diverse youth audiences. These interactive and engaging workshops will train you in the areas of facilitation, workshop planning, presentation skills, and creating safe and inclusive spaces. In addition to this training, you will receive feedback on your facilitation style/approach and receive a certificate of completion

So whether you have facilitated before or have never transferred your skills to an audience, The Art of Facilitation will assist you in creating an engaging workshop experience that everyone will love.

*In order to participate in this program, you will have to complete the application form AND attend 5 mandatory facilitator training workshops at Metro Hall (55 John Street) on the following dates:

Sat. Oct 4, 10:00am-4:00pm
Sat. Oct 11, 10:00am-4:00pm
Sat. Oct 18, 10:00am-4:00pm
Sat. Oct 25, 10:00am-4:00pm
Wed. Oct 29, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Space is limited so apply early -- application deadline is Friday, September 12!

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Part I: Best Practices in Facilitation 
Participants will begin by unpacking their past facilitation experiences to discover what has worked and has been unsuccessful in the past.  By understanding what techniques work and what should be avoided, participants will be provided with tips and tools to effectively engage youth audiences. 
Part II: Inclusive and Equitable Practices in Facilitation
Participants will learn how to be equitable in their teaching practices and who create an environment where everyone feels included and engaged through the use of popular education.
Part III: Working with and Creating Safe Spaces for Marginalized Youth
Participants will learn how to engage marginalized audiences by recognizing the roots of their marginalization and what tools get their attention.  Emphasis will be made on creating safe spaces that youth want to be in and feel respected in.
Part IV: Managing Conflict and Enhancing Group Participation 
Participants will learn how to manage and work with disruptive and challenging audiences. Using case studies and role-play, participants will learn the best practices in group facilitation.
Part V: Program Organization and Planning 
Participants will learn how to put an effective, engaging, though-provoking workshop together.  Using the tools that they will acquire from this workshop, participants will create a mini workshop that they will present to the group for feedback and critique. 
Part VI: Presentation Techniques
Participants will learn the techniques that will make them stronger presenters.  Participants will focus on their volume, clarity and personal quirks and will learn how to engage their audiences in innovative ways.


Letecia Rose is an experienced facilitator that has been involved in developing and implementing programs and initiatives within community agencies and various school boards for the past seven years.  From her experience in community theatre, she uses anti-oppression, popular education techniques, and multimedia to engage the diverse audiences that she works with.  Letecia has led workshops on Islamaphobia, Homophobia, Anti-Racism, gender equity, and the practice of conducting courageous conversations in the workplace.  The popularity of these workshops has allowed Letecia to facilitate workplace equity workshops for City of Toronto, The City of Newmarket, Centennial College, the United Church of Canada, Community Microskills, and Human Resources and Skill Development Canada.  She has managed to personally work with over 3,000 youth in hands-on diversity programs and facilitate anti-racism workshops and assemblies for additional 10,000 youth across Ontario.  Currently Letecia works as a Program and Partnerships Manager at Nia Centre for the Arts where she creates initiatives to support Afro-Diasporic arts and artists.


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