Calling all MCs, Breakers, Hip Hop Dancers, Beatboxers, Graffiti Writers and DJs! Unity's front line Artist Educators model ways in which Hip-Hop can help youth make better choices as leaders, mentor one another, express their stress through positive outlets, and develop skills for success through hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset.

Unity Charity is Canada's leading youth mental health organization that develops resiliency and promotes well being through Hip-Hop art forms. Operating since 2007, Unity has prioritized cultivating youth leaders and delivering programs in underserved and priority communities, successfully engaging more than 250,000 youth (ages 12-29) to date.

Artists should:  

  • Have some experience in facilitation/youth or community work/hosting & holding space/engaging youth.  (Non-conventional experience is considered and valued!)
  • Be active, and experienced in your artform(s) or recognized as an active contributor by your respective arts communities (self taught / informally trained artists are encouraged to apply!)
  • Understanding of/commitment to learning/adopting anti-oppression & equity frameworks.
  • Professionalism
  • Desire to act as a positive role model in the communities we engage in.
  • Willingness to learn about and promote positive mental health outcomes.
  • Understanding of, relationship to and respect for the hip hop community and its art forms.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Creating / holding inclusive spaces for youth participants
  • Act as a key instructor and expert on one or more hip hop disciplines for youth programs--Spoken Word / MC, Dance - Breaking & Hip Hop Dance, Beatbox, Graffiti, DJ
  • Provide artistic instruction, guidance, and responses to inquiries and feedback from diverse youth groups in programming contexts
  • Develop workshop lesson plans & program curriculums, objectives, and requirements to meet UNITY program needs for each workshop, with support from Unity Coordinators.
  • Actively and regularly participate in Unity-led Artist Educator trainings, and commit to professional and artistic development as an artist, presenter and facilitator
  • Develop or refer students to materials for continuing learning
  • Promote Unity’s message by directing youth and stakeholders to Unity outreach initiatives, where opportunities exist (Unity Festival, Unity social media, Unity program locations, volunteering, Unity chapters, Unity performances etc.)
  • Experience in public performance and speaking
  • Act in accordance to Unity’s Behavioural Code of Conduct and exercise professional judgment in all scenarios involving youth and external stakeholders
  • Take attendance / collect registration forms & surveys / work with Unity coordinators to collect data and feedback
  • Act as an ambassador to Unity’s hip-hop community and participate in social events
  • Work in partnership with teachers, community partners and other Unity stakeholders as needed

Deadline to apply: April 15, 2019

Please Note:

Acceptance to the artist roster does NOT guarantee a set volume of contractual work for each artist, per year. Although Unity strives to develop and assign opportunities equally, it is subject to a multiple factors including scheduling, funding, and workshop requirements throughout the year. Vulnerable sector screening (VSS) police check is required for all artist educators.

Training will involve a 3 day retreat from Wednesday August 14th to Friday August 16th, followed by 2 full day locally on Tuesday August 20th and Wednesday August 21st. Artists MUST be available for all dates. This will be followed by a 3 month probation period.

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