Halls Island Artist Residency is an exciting initiative which provides artists of many disciplines with a peaceful, private, island retreat in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario.

Halls Island Residency is land traditionally stewarded by the Anishnaabek and Huron-Wendat First Nations.

Halls Island is located on beautiful Koshlong Lake. The boat launch is about a fifteen minute drive from Haliburton Village. The island is a short boat ride or twenty minute paddle from the landing. The island possesses three small cabins, a main cabin with a basic kitchen, dining and living area, and two small sleeper cabins, as well as a nordic-style sauna. Halls Island is without plumbing, using a composting toilet, and relies on solar panels for its minimal power.
Hall Island Artist Residency will strive to welcome artists to this very special part of the world, and encourage them to give back to the Haliburton arts community with a community engagement component of their residency.

Halls Island is on Koshlong Lake in Haliburton, Ontario. The dock access to Koshlong is a 3 hour drive from Toronto. Boat transportation to and from the island will be arranged. Urgent boat trips to the mainland can be arranged (please note that true emergencies should be directed to the Ontario Provincial Police, 911). 

Writers, musicians, visual artists, and artists of other disciplines will find inspiration as they engage with nature and pursue their creative endeavors in this idyllic setting. This off-grid, water access location is ideal for quiet reflection and immersion in the natural world.

Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply, taking note that off-grid cabin accommodations will not support large scale electronic needs. Interest is being sought from artists in Haliburton County and beyond. Residency blocks are ten days long. Details can be found on the application.

Artists should be prepared to engage with the Haliburton arts community in some way. A rough idea for this engagement is a required component of the application. This might involve holding a workshop, performance, or donating a piece of art to a worthy community organization. We have members of the community available to facilitate the development and coordination of this component. 

Halls Island is privately owned by a family whose generosity is providing the residency, accommodations and island access for the chosen artists. Halls Island Artist Residency is a member of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative, a not-for-profit organization that encourages, develops and supports several community groups in the Highlands.

There is no accommodation cost to resident artists other than food and personal supplies. Transportation to and from the island will be provided by the Halls Island group while transportation to the docking area will be the responsibility of the chosen artists. Those applying should be comfortable staying alone or with one other compatible artist in this rustic setting.


Halls invites applications from artists who are looking for a secluded place in which to reflect and refine their artistic discipline(s). Applicants must demonstrate a focus on their art form and be comfortable with rustic, off-grid living conditions. Successful artists are required to provide their own transportation to and from the landing on Koshlong Lake, their own food for the duration of the residency, and other supplies noted on the Visitor’s Guide. More detailed information will provided to the successful applicants.

Individuals who engage in all forms of artistic expression are eligible to apply. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

What is the application process?

Halls Island Artist Residency has a four step application process.

  1. Submit your $10 administration fee. (HERE or below on Paypal) This fee is non-refundable and is used to help with our administrative costs. Please contact Halls Island Artist Residency for a possible waiver if this fee prevents you from applying.
  2. Complete the application form online and submit electronically as prompted. Find the online Application Form at the bottom of this page. To be submitted electronically.
  3. Submit one paper/hard copy of support materials* - see below - by regular mail or courier to be received no later that January 15, 2020.

Mailing address: Haliburton County Community Co-operative

P.O. Box 655

Minden, ON

K0M 2K0

      4.  Submit support materials by email, Please send one email with all documents and a subject line that includes your name and “2020 residency application.”

*Support materials for your application include:

·       A professional curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)

·       A plan for your residency at Halls Island (max. 2 pages)

·       A letter of reference from a mentor or colleague        

·       A plan or proposal for a community engagement project (max. 1 page)

·       A sampling of your work (photos, recording, writing – whatever best suits your practice -- provide URL or DVD if appropriate)

Applications should consider “Why Halls Island?” and “Why now?”

Applications will only be considered if the online application is completed and the support material submitted by the January 15, 2020, deadline.

The selection committee will review all applications, extending invitations to selected artists. Once each residency date is filled, unsuccessful applicants will be informed.

Any questions can be addressed to

More details and to apply here.