StArt Youth Presenting Art (StArt YPA) is festival is looking for artists to preform and present at their 9th annual arts festival!

StArt Youth Presenting Art (StArt YPA) is a youth-led volunteer-based initiative based in Scarborough Village that strives to provide young people with accessible arts education and outlets for self-expression. Since 2011, we’ve been giving youth opportunities to excel in various art forms - radically enhancing creativity, and contributing to self-confidence as cultural producers in society.

StArt YPA was formed because we found that there was a lack of accessible artistic opportunities for youth in the Scarborough community. Youth don’t have many places to participate in training opportunities, be mentored by an industry professional, or showcase their practice at a community scale. As a team, StArt YPA created barrier free access to workshops, mentorship and an annual festival, which attracts over 500 community members including artists, agency partners, and councillors. It is the ideal platform for youth and emerging artists to showcase their art form to the community. StArt YPA brings people together to appreciate the importance of the arts in our everyday lives.

If you are 16 and up and would like to showcase your work at the 9th annual StArt YPA Festival 2019, please see the submission guidelines below. Once you have gathered all your information, hit "Apply" to get to the online application form!

Submission Requirements

  1. Artistic Statement: Tell us about yourself and who or what has inspired you to become an artist.
  2. Headshot: Does not need to be professional! We just want a photo of yourself. It must be in focus and high quality. NO SELFIES!
  3. Samples of your Work
  • Visual Artists: work must be titled, format: JPEGs or links to your website/web gallery. Each piece must be titled, centered in the photograph, in focus, and at 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Performing Artists: send us links to your work or audition video.You can use your cell phone to capture your audition video.

Hit Apply and Attend the Open Call. YOU MUST ATTEND OPEN CALL

When: Saturday, June 29, 2019,10:00 am – 3:00 pm,

Where: Christ Church, 155 Markham Rd, Scarborough

*First come, first seen!

Click here for more information and the application portal.