Myseum of Toronto is launching a call for submissions for the fifth annual Myseum Intersections festival!

Myseum Intersections is an annual festival that will take place during the month of April 2020. The festival explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, and experiences. Intersections presents a wide array of programming intended to create dialogue on civic issues and inspire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our city.

Project proposals can range from exhibitions to events such as walking tours, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, public programs, exhibition tours, community celebrations, interactive experiences, walking tours and performances. We prioritize participatory and co-created projects, and encourage collaborative partnerships between organizations, collectives and individuals.
To view examples of Intersections projects from previous years, click here. To see project snapshots from last years’ festival, click here.
Should you have any accessibility concerns that might impact your ability to access or complete the digital submission form, please inform Yan Wen Chang (by email: or phone: 416-583-2030) in advance of June 15th, 2019 to allow Myseum to appropriately accommodate your requests

Festival Dates: April 1 – 30, 2020
Deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2019 @ 11:00PM (EST)

Myseum’s Intersections festival fosters collaboration and partnership, bringing together community, culture, arts and heritage partners to produce compelling programs that explore the lesser known narratives of under-represented communities. As a presenting partner, Myseum assists with program execution, promotion and coordination of events, and provides a platform to enhance the visibility of projects that examine Intersectionality in Toronto. Myseum can provide consultation for partners on producing exhibitions and events depending on their access to resources and administrative capacity.

Applicants must identify the program category or categories that the proposed project will fall under.
Projects categories include: exhibition, workshop, walking tour, performance, discussion or lecture, community celebration, film screening, interactive experience and other. All media and art forms will be considered.

Intersections funding requests typically range from $3,000 to $10,0000. If your total funding request exceeds $10,000, please inform Programming and Volunteers Coordinator Yan Wen Chang by email or phone 416-583-2030 in advance of June 15th.
We welcome applications from individuals and organizations who do not require funding support and would like to host a Myseum Intersections project. Please clearly identify your project as ‘UNFUNDED PARTICIPANT’ in the budget section of your application.


  • Material expenses (film, art supplies, etc.)
  • Content development fees: curatorial fees, artist fees, honoraria, panellist fees
  • AV and equipment rentals
  • Fees for space/venue
  • Transportation expenses within the GTA
  • Production expenses
  • Production of artworks (printing, framing etc.)
  • Hardware for hanging/installing etc.
  • Display expenses
  • Signage and labels


  • Projects already covered in an organization’s ongoing operating budget or another festival or exhibition.
  • Staff time of existing employees.


  • We strongly encourage, and prioritize, collaborative projects between two or more individuals/groups/ organizations to apply with an exhibition or event based project that can animate their own community space(s) or a mutually decided upon space.
  • Submissions are encouraged from different disciplines, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds including but not limited to: historical societies, archives, artist and design collectives, natural history organizations, cultural organizations, community groups, communities with disabilities, youth and student groups, indigenous communities, architects, ecologists and naturalists, LGBTQ+ communities, designers, urbanist groups, and unique collaborations involving two or more groups.
  • Organizations, collectives or individuals are not required to have charitable or non-profit status in order to apply. Organizations or individuals who have participated in Myseum Intersections previously are eligible to apply.
  • Each project must offer free programming and access to the general public. If you wish to submit a project that has an admission fee or does not provide access to the general public please inform Programming and Volunteers Coordinator Yan Wen Chang by email or phone 416-583-2030 in advance of June 15th.

To apply, complete the Application form. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants cannot save this form and return to complete it at a later time. We strongly recommend downloading the following form and saving your answers on a separate document prior to filling out the online form. 

You will be asked to provide the information listed below:

  • Proposed Project Title
  • Description of each of the participating community partner(s)/organization(s)
  • Description of your project idea, exhibition or event
  • Website (if you have one) and social media account handles
  • Project Category
  • Describe how your idea is accessible
  • Describe how your project will be marketed within your community network (newsletter, social media following, etc)
  • Please provide images/photos (jpeg) or (short) video clips that help to illustrate your project idea
  • Budget for the project. Myseum Intersections project funding requests typically range from $3000 to $10,000. Any requests for funding in excess of $10,000 must be approved by Myseum prior to submission at least two weeks before the final deadline. Requests can be made by contacting Programming and Volunteers Coordinator, Yan Wen Chang by email or by phone 416-583-2030.
  • Any resources that you may need help sourcing (e.g. marketing and promotion, venue, equipment, volunteers, collaborate partnerships and etc.) and your strategy for sourcing these resources.

We are offering an Information Session for organizations, collectives and individuals to meet prospective collaborators, share resources and develop ideas. The session will also provide insight into the proposal writing and application process. Registration is required, to register, click here.
Date: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Location: 401 Richmond St. W, Suite 303
*Depending on demand, a second info session may be added

More information here.