Xpace Cultural Centre accepts proposals of all media from emerging and student artists, curators and cultural workers for all exhibition spaces from September 2022 through July 2023.

Xpace Cultural Centre accepts proposals of all media from emerging and student artists, curators and cultural workers. Exhibitions are selected by our Programming Committee which is composed of the Xpace staff, OCAD Student Union representatives and a member of the Toronto arts community. There is no fee to apply, and all selected applicants and participants are paid a project fee of CAD $431. This Open Call covers all exhibition spaces from September 2022 through July 2023.

The 2022-2023 Call for Exhibition Submissions deadline is May 31, 2022 @ 11:59 PM!


Applicants are asked to provide the following items:

1. Artist Bio (150 words max): 2-3 sentences describing who you are. This can include the city you’re based in, education, recent professional experience (if applicable), and/or awards.

2. Artistic Practice Statement (500 words max): The Artistic Practice Statement should give a description of your overall art practice (ie) themes, issues, processes you’re currently exploring and interested in.

3. Project Description (500 words max): The project description should give a clear and concrete description of the work you are proposing for Xpace. Please specify which exhibition space you intend the work to be exhibited in and why your project suits it specifically. (ie) sound installation, series of sculptures, projections, etc. If you are a curator, please outline the curatorial theme and selected artists (if confirmed).

3. Install/Technical Description (250 words max): The technical description should include: tentative install plan/schedule, equipment, tools and materials required for install, installation assistance or shipping (if needed), and any associated expenses.

4. Alternative Presentation Strategies (250 words max): Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, please list alternative methods to present your proposed project virtually (or otherwise) in the event that Xpace is closed to the public during your exhibition. Xpace staff will be on hand to support you with contingency plans should your proposal be accepted. To request feedback on any potential ideas please contact

5. CV (Max 3 pages): Your CV should include education and exhibition history, as well as any relevant experience you’d like us to know about. Please note: formal education is not mandatory to apply. Xpace only shows work from emerging artists/curators/cultural workers and/or students.

Mid-career and established artists will not be accepted. If you are unsure if you fall within our mandate, please ask

6. Visual Support Material (5-10): Images must be in JPG format. You may include links to video and/or audio files. These should be a maximum of 3-5 minutes in total. If there is a specific portion of a longer video you would like the Programming Committee to watch, please indicate it on your support material list.

7. Support Material List: State what each file is and its relation to your proposal. (1-2 sentences per file).

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