Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #2, Reflexivity & Relationships

Neighbourhood Arts Network is very excited to continue sharing the Arts & Equity Video Series, using creative methods to communicate and virtually convene to spark conversation about arts equity and practicing the associated principles in a community setting. 

The 2nd video in a series of 5 speaks to how reflexivity and relationships starts with critical self-reflection; reflecting on how our own position fits with those we aim to work with. This sort of reflection helps when working to build and maintain relationships.

Click here to view Arts & Equity Video Series: #2, Reflexivity & Relationships. Fill out the accompanying worksheet as you watch and learn!

Stay tuned for further Arts & Equity Video Series to be released:

Video #3, Relevance & Representation - March 21 with accompanying worksheet
Video #4, Embeddedness - March 28 with accompanying worksheet 
Video #5, Sustainability - April 4 with accompanying worksheet