Artist Spotlight | May Chook | Culture Days @ The Library


Culture Days | I am leading vocal improvisation workshops titled Vocal PLAY!. In an encouraging atmosphere, we will explore what the human voice can do, do some singing exercises and make funny sounds . The motto is "There is no bad voice." It is for all ages and hopefully going to be fun!                       

Inspiration | When my participants are happy after attending my workshops or performance. Seeing them smile makes me move forward.

Impact |  I have seen how the arts can make a positive change in someone's life.  A recent story: there were a number of youth who attended my after-school music workshops, they live in an under-resourced community, where musical resources are scarce. Since my workshops, they started paying attention to art and music shows in the city. Now these youths have become interested in music and are now continuing making music well  after my sessions finished.

Advice | Be humble, know your craft, and don't not be afraid to pitch your idea to people especially community stakeholders and other artists. There are many kind people out there who are willing to help you as long as you are nice and have good idea

For more information on May's Culture Days Workshop, click the link below!

       Culture Days @ The Library: Vocal Play! 

Vocal Play encourages participants from all ages, musical levels and cultural backgrounds to be creative and expressive with their voice. 

Through this workshop, participants would be able to:
- Learn more about singing techniques and musicianship
- Sing without being worried they are “not good”; enhance self-confidence
- Develop creativity and free expressions
- Develop a sense of community through music making
- Have fun

Saturday Sept 27, 11 - 11:30 am | Dufferin/St. Clair Toronto Public Library, 1625 Dufferin St.

Saturday Sept 27, 2-3:00 pm | Centennial Toronto Public Library, 578 Finch Avenue W

BIO | May Chook is a jazz and improvising vocalist and community artist based in Toronto, Canada. Born in Malaysia, she came to Canada to study with a full scholarship and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from York University in 2012. She has over eight years’ experience in various aspects of music including performance, songwriting and music production. May’s works focus on creative expressions in a safe space and her goal is to make music and art more accessible. She currently leads creative music workshops for Arts for Children and Youth and independently at Artscape Youngplace. She hosts community open mics regularly to promote students and local artists. She also sits on a number of board committees including Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto, Big Bam Boom Arts Festival, and North York Art.

Photo Credit: Andrew Obtinalla