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  • Invisible Publishing

    Invisible Publishing produces cool and contemporary Canadian fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. As a not-for-profit publisher, we are committed to publishing diverse voices and stori...

    Disciplines: Literary

  • Lucio Agostini

    Musician who plays with a number of groups representing a variety of genres of music.

    Disciplines: Music

  • Sumi-e Artists of Canada

    The Sumi-e Artists of Canada is a group of artists who seek to encourage an appreciation and understanding of sumi-e (Japanese Watercolour Painting). We meet regularly to practice and develo...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Irene Flatley

    I am a post graduate student in the Arts Education and Community Engagement program at Centennial College. I am focused on finding a way to bring my passion for the arts to communities throu...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • Storytelling Toronto

    Storytelling is the oral art of sharing stories, which Storytelling Toronto fosters, nurtures, and supports, for both storytellers and story-listeners. Storytelling Toronto produces the fre...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryTheatre

  • Birkdale Art in the Park

    Motivated by a desire to expand the community engagement and empowerment elements of Birkdale Art in the Park (BAITP), Carol Baker, a BAITP volunteer since its launch in 2010, is exploring w...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestival

  • IX Gallery and Event Space

    Located in charming Leslieville, the IX Gallery exhibits a variety of local and international artists, on rotation year-round. Colourgenics also sponsors an ongoing Technology Showcase: an...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity ArtsFestival

  • Arts Unfold

    Arts Unfold produces art and design projects in Canadian and European communities to foster greater understandings of social and environmental conditions.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceVisual & Media Arts

  • The Artist Jesse

    Hey. My name is Jesse. I also go by The artist Jesse. Art, and music has always been a big part of my life, and I truly feel like I was meant to do this. I am a visual artist in...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • ARTiculations

    ART SUPPLY SHOP CREATIVE ART WORKSHOPS + EVENTS CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS Located in The Junction, ARTiculations is an independently owned and operated community hub offering quality art...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Xinli Wang

    My family moved to Canada in 2016 and I started painting shortly after that. I'm self-taught and really enjoy acrylic painting. I wish to have more people know about my work.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Leesa Coleman

    Welcome to my page, My name is Leesa Coleman, I am an emerging Artist and Fashion illustrator living in Toronto, Canada. A bit of my history. I attended Fashion Design School in Montreal,...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Dragon-Apotheke

    Hallo, guten Abend Rober ich arbeite bei Limca Company LTD. Schwäche ist ein internes restauratives Thema von Männern und so ist es definitiv nicht schwer zu erkennen, dass heute zahlreiche ...

    Disciplines: FestivalLiterary

  • Manik Gunatilleke

    Manik Gunatilleke is a digital artist working with augmented reality, film and photography. She is drawn to initiatives that explore identity and belonging in diaspora communities. She has w...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Babak Moosavi

    I'm painter and also photographer

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • work gloves

    Whenever there are hazardous chemicals being handled there is the possibility of a chemical burn. Chemical and biohazard resistant work gloves bulk form an absolute obstacle around your hand...

    Disciplines: Music

  • Umar Majoka

    I performed in a devised, narrative, abstract piece of theatre; Amanah. Our show has been viewed by many around Ontario. I was fortunate enough to win a MIRA award for my performance as Baba...

    Disciplines: LiteraryTheatre

  • Joanne-Aska Popinska

    Joanne-Aśka immigrated to Canada to pursue filmmaking and activism. A life-long Vegan with a Master's Degree in Sociology, Aśka dedicates her creative vision to explore the similarities betw...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Samir Al-Haj

    I am Senior Graphic Designer & photographer who is Obsessed with Anything Related to art, Offering 9 years of experience in print and media designs working in concept creation, brand develop...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

    The Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema is an historic, century-old cinema located in Toronto’s vibrant Annex neighbourhood. The cinema is operated and programmed by Hot Docs Canadian International D...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Mirna Chacin

    Mirna Chacín is a Venezuelan-born Canadian visual artist and freelance professional photographer who is passionate about working with people and telling their stories through images. Shortly...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Alice Il Shin

    Alice Shin is a Korean filmmaker who received her formal film training at Nihon University, Japan. She began her career in national broadcasting with the NHK Educational Broadcasting Company...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Tareq Ghreri

    Musician form Syria , Guitar Flamenco player , teacher , composer , have been playing Guitar for more than 17 years, experience more than 8 years classic and flamenco Guitar teacher ...

    Disciplines: Music

  • Scarborough Arts

    Scarborough Arts is a local arts service organization. Our mission is to develop, deliver and promote arts programming in collaboration and partnership with the community. We bring artists t...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Amran

    Amran Jama is Somali Canadian Textile Artist and a community worker, who has over a decade of experience. Jama has taught Community Art Workshops to children and adults. Her workshops are kn...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Young Peoples Theatre

    YOUNG PEOPLE’S THEATRE (YPT) is the oldest professional theatre company in Toronto and is a national producer and presenter of theatre for young audiences – the first and largest of its kind...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsTheatre

  • Herman Mejia

    Muti-Media artist with experience and interest in art, architecture, music and culture. I'm committed to continue developing cohesive brands, built environments, and product experiences and ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Kareen Weir

    Weir is a contemporary Afro-Caribbean emerging artist who wants to make bold, cultural and place-making marks in her new home, Canada, through writing and visual art. Kareen is also a recent...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • Beach Studio Tour

    A collection of artists working in various media.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Natalia Starikova

    Natalia Starikova was born and raised in Russia. Her college and Masters education at the Savitskiy College of Fine Art and at the Kharkov Academy was based on the deep Russian tradition of ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts