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  • Omid Shakiba

    I am a professional refugee filmmaker/instructor with 20 years’ experience working in the film industry in Iran, Iraq, the United Kingdom and now in Canada. I have directed and produced over...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Justin Massey

    Canadian saxophonist Justin Massey is an interpreter of contemporary music based in Toronto, Ontario. With an obsession of creating new sonorities and textures through the saxophone, Justin ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsMusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Melika Saeeda

    I was grew up in Tehran. In 1991, I began painting at an art university. After getting my BFA, I studied Graphic Design at TM university in Tehran. Meanwhile I started freelancing in illust...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Golbahar Hassanabadi

    I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1986. I work in the style of Realism. In my paintings, drawings and prints, I aim to reflect on a journey of self-discovery and represent all the different side...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Shohreh Edalat

    I was borne in Tehran ,Iran . As an artist,I am a member of the Iranian visual art association from 2009. I have had 2 solo exhibition and more than 30 group exhibition in Iran and Canada....

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Farrokh Nooroney

    I am a newcomer and visual artist from Iran who has been working professionally in painting and making sculptures. It has been about ten years that I work and I have had numerous group and s...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Daniel Maluka

    Daniel Maluka is a Toronto based artist and writer hailing from South Africa. His work takes an Afrocentric approach while incorporating surrealist elements. In using his interest in the sub...

    Disciplines: LiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • Mujda Hakime

    Painter / Illustrator / Visual Artist

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Sila Alici K.

    I am a photographer and a digital storyteller. My work took me all over the Middle East and introduced me to those who were left behind, those who were unheard. I have photographed LGBTI, se...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Negar Vahedi

    As a child, I had a chance to grow up in a family surrounded by art; I recognized that I needed a medium to tell my story, which comes from my world, and that led me to study photography. In...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Suzanne Simoni

    Navigating the landscape of how we are in relation to objects, I am interested in the notion of interconnectedness within social and biological communities. I am interested in the phenom...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Lakeshore Arts

    Lakeshore Arts is an award-winning community arts organization that focuses on creating innovative community arts programming that engages, educates, inspires, entertains, and is delivered b...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Luminato Festival

    Luminato is Toronto’s international arts festival dedicated to performance, visual art, music, theatre, dance, and programming that cuts across traditional art form boundaries.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Aline Setton

    I am a Brazilian visual artist whose practice primarily focuses on painting. Having grown up in São Paulo, I have been deeply influenced by the accelerated, compressed and densely populated ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Banafsheh Erfanian

    Banafsheh Erfanian is an award-winning Toronto based painter, illustrator, and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design and a Master’s in Illustration. Banafsheh has illustrated many...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • David Chinyama

    David Chinyama is a Zimbabwean born multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work is inspired by color, form, movement and texture. His work is a representation of personal fascinations and e...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Rachael Walker

    Rachael Walker is a socially engaged Textile Artist, Designer. A qualified lecturer and has taught in a variety of colleges and arts charities and within community learning.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Ilia Hosseini

    Back home I was a freelance photographer. After 4 years of living experience in Toronto I restarted photography in my new home again.

    Disciplines: MusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Sylvie Stojanovski

    I am a Scarborough-based multidisciplinary artist, creative-facilitator, and project manager, who is passionate about building community through the arts. I love connecting community organiz...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Megha subramanian

    Practice and teach Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam, as a language and story-telling medium. Apart from that, I am a writer and a film maker.

    Disciplines: DanceLiteraryTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Tatiana Choulova

    I'm Children Film Artist, Producer and Educator. I specialize in stop frame animation, live action short, music video, short docs. I work in schools, daycares and children's summer camps run...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Amjad Barbour

    Amjad Barbour is a Toronto based graphic artist, filmmaker and art mentor. He has been in the visual art field since 2006. Recently, he joined Scarborough arts as a marketing and communicati...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Aaron Rothermund

    I’m a writer, director, actor and producer. I studied the Script to Screen program at Centennial College, Theatre Performance at Humber College, Performing Arts at George Brown College, and ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • caglar icer

    I am a musician and a visual artist. I play a baglama (traditional instrument from Turkey) and bass guitar.I use Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect as a visual artist.

    Disciplines: MusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Grace Marquez Studio

    I'm a painter based in Toronto Ontario. I'm also an avid technical diver and often dive caves and wrecks. I recently started painting again and have found that my two passions - painting a...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Ayobami Macaulay

    Ayobami is a Multi-Disciplinary artist ( Photographer, Filmmaker/Producer, Story Writer) As a photographer, he is a seasoned events, landscape and conceptual portraits photographer. His m...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • razhan aziz

    I am a filmmaker, graduated from university major director of cinema I have been in the industry for the past 13 years. Throughout my career, I have been creating short film and documentari...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Elaine Munro

    I am an artist, adult educator, program and project manager/coordinator and workshop/group facilitator. I have worked in non-profit, community-based, and higher education environments and ha...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Jaehyun Lamia Bae

    Manhwa Artist/Illustrator in Canada/Korea

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Kseniya Tsoy

    Cultural producer and community engaged artist.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts