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  • David Chinyama

    David Chinyama is a Zimbabwean born multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work is inspired by color, form, movement and texture. His work is a representation of personal fascinations and e...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • MOCA Toronto

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA) is in a defining phase of its evolution, as it moves into a landmark heritage building and further advances 20 years of exhibiting, colle...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Rachael Walker

    Rachael Walker is a socially engaged Textile Artist, Designer. A qualified lecturer and has taught in a variety of colleges and arts charities and within community learning.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Junhee Kim

    I'm a composer/arranger/guitarist. I usually compose music for media(movie, play and game), also performance guitar with various musicians in wide spectrum of genre.

    Disciplines: Music

  • Ilia Hosseini

    Back home I was a freelance photographer. After 4 years of living experience in Toronto I restarted photography in my new home again.

    Disciplines: MusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Nami Ueno

    I was born and grew up in a little town called Arashiyama, an important sightseeing district in Kyoto, Japan. As a child, I enjoyed drawing and making things with my creative grandfather. ...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Michelle Silagy

    Contemporary dance artist Michelle Silagy maintains a close relationship between her arts practice and teaching practice of 30 years. Her work has been presented in Amsterdam, The Arctic, Ne...

    Disciplines: Dance

  • Elsa Hashemi

    I have BA in English Translation and MA in Photography and have been working as an Artist & Art instructor in Iran for years. As I moved to Toronto two years ago, I started my job as a Photo...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • Sylvie Stojanovski

    I am a Scarborough-based multidisciplinary artist, creative-facilitator, and project manager, who is passionate about building community through the arts. I love connecting community organiz...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Faeghan WIlliams


  • Megha subramanian

    Practice and teach Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam, as a language and story-telling medium. Apart from that, I am a writer and a film maker.

    Disciplines: DanceLiteraryTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Tatiana Choulova

    I'm Children Film Artist, Producer and Educator. I specialize in stop frame animation, live action short, music video, short docs. I work in schools, daycares and children's summer camps run...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Amjad Barbour

    Amjad Barbour is a Toronto based graphic artist, filmmaker and art mentor. He has been in the visual art field since 2006. Recently, he joined Scarborough arts as a marketing and communicati...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Jonathan Campbell’s career is rooted in the decade (2000-2010) he spent in Beijing as a drummer, writer, promoter, agent and more actively bridging East and West. His writing has appeared in...

    Disciplines: FestivalMusic

  • Byron Chan

    I am a media artist primary works in film and digital media. My works often question the past through archival imagery and inserts my newfound perspective through the use of compositing tech...


  • Mio Sakamoto

    Mio Sakamoto is a Toronto based dance artist originally from Japan. Sakamoto graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2017. In 2018, she attended B12 Festival and Nuova Officina...

    Disciplines: Dance

  • Alexander Gonzales

    Currently working as a building operator My paintings is figurative abstract and Non representational abstract. I am a member of Philippine artist group of Canada. Presently living in Sca...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Aaron Rothermund

    I’m a writer, director, actor and producer. I studied the Script to Screen program at Centennial College, Theatre Performance at Humber College, Performing Arts at George Brown College, and ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • caglar icer

    I am a musician and a visual artist. I play a baglama (traditional instrument from Turkey) and bass guitar.I use Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect as a visual artist.

    Disciplines: MusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Grace Marquez Studio

    I'm a painter based in Toronto Ontario. I'm also an avid technical diver and often dive caves and wrecks. I recently started painting again and have found that my two passions - painting a...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Murray Paterson Marketing Group

    Murray Paterson Marketing Group (MPMG) is an award-winning agency of highly skilled, forward-thinking professionals with a passion for marketing the arts + creative industries. We are a comp...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Ayobami Macaulay

    Ayobami is a Multi-Disciplinary artist ( Photographer, Filmmaker/Producer, Story Writer) As a photographer, he is a seasoned events, landscape and conceptual portraits photographer. His m...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalLiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • razhan aziz

    I am a filmmaker, graduated from university major director of cinema I have been in the industry for the past 13 years. Throughout my career, I have been creating short film and documentari...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Dawn Dreams Circus

    Dawn Dreams is a contemporary circus artist specializing in contact juggling, clown & ground level circus arts. Performing since 2005, she has traveled through 4 continents as a street and ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiteraryTheatre

  • Virtual Education Fair is the ‘go to’ site for students, primarily in Canada, who are researching options for undergraduate or postgraduate-level studies abroad, or considering a gap year, vol...

    Disciplines: Literary

  • umair jaffar

    Umair Jaffar is the Executive Director of Small World Music, one of Toronto’s pioneering and most significant presenters of culturally-diverse music. Since arriving in Toronto in 2014, he ha...

    Disciplines: Music

  • Elaine Munro

    I am an artist, adult educator, program and project manager/coordinator and workshop/group facilitator. I have worked in non-profit, community-based, and higher education environments and ha...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Jaehyun Lamia Bae

    Manhwa Artist/Illustrator in Canada/Korea

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

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    Disciplines: Literary

  • Nastasha Alli

    I publish various types of food writing on my blog, including recipes, book reviews and research on Southeast Asian foodways. I also host & produce an interview-style podcast about Filipino ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiterary