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  • The Tantra ART Collective

    Gregg Allan McGivern is a Toronto based, prolific, visual artist that experiments with many different forms of substrates, materials and mediums to create art. He has various styles from tra...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreDanceCommunity ArtsMusic

  • Xpace Cultural Centre

    Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven artist-run centre supported by the OCAD Student Union and dedicated to providing emerging and student artists and designers with the opportunity ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Younger Than Beyonce Gallery

    Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery is a nomadic artist run centre supporting the work of artists younger than 33 years old. Inspired by 'Younger Than Jesus' the landmark triennial at the New Museu...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Theatre francais de Toronto

    Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a professional French-language theatre presenting repertoire as well as new work. While appealing to all lovers of French-language theatre, it contribute...

    Disciplines: Theatre

  • Artists Health Alliance

    The AHA is a one of a kind organization, building a bridge between the artistic and medical community for healing, strengthening and empowering. Artists have a unique range of needs, and the...


  • Nina Lee Freelance

    - Grants Writer - Database Designer - Publications Designer - Arts Administrator - 10+ years experience producing affordable, customized strategies for not-for-profit organizations. Speci...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Diasporic Genius

    Diasporic Genius (DG) supports the cultural, economic, and physical transformation of Toronto through creative civic engagement. DG uses the power of story to release the wisdom inside all o...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Jamii Esplanade

    Jamii’s programming fosters a sense of pride of and belonging to The Esplanade, offers opportunities for social interaction, encourages people to (re)claim ownership of our public spaces and...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Toronto Beach Chorale

    Toronto Beach Chorale is an auditioned adult concert choir whose singers share a passion for great classical choral music, a strong commitment to sharing the wonderful gift of music, and the...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsMusic

  • Full Circle- Art Therapy Centre

    Our Mission We provide free mental health services to a variety of populations in the GTA, through group and individual art therapy sessions. We focus on a person’s positive strengths and a...


  • Arraymusic

    Arraymusic provides a well-equipped affordable rental facility, The Array Space, for musical artists to rehearse, record and present their music. Arraymusic is passionate about contempor...

    Disciplines: TheatreDanceCommunity ArtsMusic

  • Shakespeare in the Ruff

    Shakespeare In The Ruff (SITR) is built upon the values of community building and the development of the young artists within the company through the foundation of high quality, innovative p...

    Disciplines: TheatreCommunity ArtsLiteraryMusic

  • Adam Herst

    Adam Herst is a Toronto based artist, arts manager, and curator. He is interested in the tension between ideas, their ownership, and their reproduction, and in exploring the proposition that...

    Disciplines: FestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • Project C

    First, who are we? Project C is a group of young, dedicated, motivated and diverse individuals from all across Canada, who have come together in the GTA to make change for our communiti...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • F.A.M.I.L.Y Business

    Participates in LHION (Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network) general and steering committee meetings. · Experienced the grassroots level of using the arts as an economic ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreCommunity ArtsLiteraryFestivalMusic

  • Tim Crouch

    Tim Crouch is an active freelance flutist and arts administrator in the Toronto region. He is currently the principal flutist of the Sneak Peek Orchestra, and is a founding member of the Bl...

    Disciplines: Music

  • Charlie Andrews

    Charlie Andrews is a classical musician and composer. She completed her graduate studies in Ethnomusicology from York University and was awarded the Nirvan Bhavan Fellowship. In addition to ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsMusic

  • Jode Roberts

    I'm a wordsmith, beekeeper, abstract painter and schemer. I work for the @DavidSuzukiFDN and run the #gotmilkweed #HomegrownNationalPark #30x30challenge projects. My current pet project is #...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Paulina O Kieffe

    Paulina is a 29-year-old Toronto entrepreneur, project manager, spoken word artist, community worker, program facilitator, youth activist (and mom of 2!) who has been working and performing ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiterary

  • Margaret Cameron

    Margaret Cameron is a visual artist who focuses primarily in the areas of pottery, mosaics, glass work, mixed media, collage, painting and photography. Since 2009, she has led a variety of ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • KeepRockinYou

    KeepRockinYou (KRY) a community-based artist collective that inspires females through Hip Hop culture, generating new avenues for them to grow, become empowered and be true to themselves.

    Disciplines: DanceCommunity Arts

  • Diana

    Adult Services Specialist Toronto Public Library

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreDanceCommunity ArtsLiteraryFestivalMusic

  • Kerryn Graham

    I am a visual artist specializing in painting, "blind painting" and ceramics. My work is based on sensory experiences and I strive to take a unique and deep look into my subjects. I enjoy e...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Tatjana Hutinec

    Tatjana Hutinec is Toronto-based, Croatian/Canadian painter, sculptor, community artist and creator of wearable art. She has worked as a leading visual artist in numerous community art pro...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreDanceCommunity ArtsFestival

  • Plural

    Plural is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing equity in the arts through support of Canadian and US ethnocultural and community grounded arts organizations, artists, and arts adm...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreDanceCommunity ArtsLiteraryFestivalMusic




  • Pride Toronto

    Pride Toronto is a registered not-for-profit organization that exists to celebrate the history, courage, diversity, and future of our communities, whose mission is to hold an international c...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreDanceCommunity ArtsLiteraryFestivalMusic

  • Fernando Rebel S

    DIY and remake in different fields : Furniture Clothing Baking

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsTheatreCommunity Arts

  • Emanuel Ciobanica

    Emanuel is a professional multidisciplinary artist, she has been practising art since 2001, she won third place in Apanova painting competition. She worked on the largest painting (3,464.1 m...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Alvis Choi aka Alvis Parsley

    Alvis Choi aka Alvis Parsley is an artist, performer and facilitator based in Toronto. Their work was presented at SummerWorks Festival, Rhubarb Festival, Hemispheric Institute of Performanc...

    Disciplines: TheatreCommunity Arts