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  • Coalition Creole Ontario

    CCO’s objective is to promote the Creole culture, integration, as well as social and professional development of the Creole living in Toronto.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalMusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Bahar

    I have done lots of various art works also have thought students how to make creative meaningful artworks. I graduated in architecture and was member of poem society and I would like to join...

    Disciplines: LiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Theatre Ontario

    Theatre Ontario develops and supports theatre practitioners across the province, by providing resources, networking, training and advocacy.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsTheatre

  • mosa mc neilly

    Mosa is a visual artist, performer, researcher and educator. She is currently a graduate student completing her major research portfolio working with themes of black radical imagination, mid...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Oriah Scott

    Why information, why not ask, inquire, question. Paint, travel, feel, experience. love. be true.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsDanceCommunity ArtsLiteraryFestival

  • Alex Usquiano

    Alex Usquiano is a Toronto based visual artist who integrates different techniques to his exploration of new and contemporary languages of Art. Alex has more than fifteen (15) years working ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Katya Kuznetsova

    My work as a dance teacher and choreographer is to create ways for people to move - physically, emotionally, and creatively. This task, in my experience, requires deep listening and continuo...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDance

  • Canadian Stage

    Founded in 1987, Canadian Stage is one of the country’s leading not-for-profit contemporary theatre companies.

    Disciplines: DanceMusicTheatre

  • Olya Glotka

    I am a dancer but my biggest passion in life is to inspire others!

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDance

  • Mohammadreza sabokro

    I have graduated in visual art in my home country Iran and I have a background of 20 year of experience in graphic art and painting. Exhibition in Canada 2015 Arta Gallery / Group...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Deniz Basar

    My central interest is the creation of public spheres through various forms of radical, non-institutionalized performative acts and community building processes, which keeps a potential o...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsTheatre


    New York trained, Rebecca Bachar I.D.M.A is a Performer Teacher Choreographer Lecturer & Dance Historian of Isadora Duncan Dance and Movement studies, and Vedic Yoga has 50yrs dance experi...

    Disciplines: DanceFestivalMusic

  • Dearcara

    Much of my work questions the way we communicate with functioning objects in a space, at a certain time. It questions how the function and semiotics of an object are transformed through the ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Dustin Roy Madahbee

    Native artist from Manitoulin Island looking to get involved in the art community in Toronto. Self taught or trained over six years in acrylics, work with wood burning art too. I paint sunse...

    Disciplines: MusicVisual & Media Arts

  • George Kastulin

    I discovered my passion for dancing when I was only 14 years old. Since then, I have learned from masters in international dance communities, participated in competitions and built my own pr...

    Disciplines: Dance

  • vik Lai

    I received my Master in Fine Arts in Norway and used to teach photography and visual art in Hong Kong. I believe in the power of Avant Grade. When there are dead knots in society, art...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts


    Founded in 2011 by Jacqui Arntfield, Emily DiCarlo and W.J. Wilson, EQUΔLΔTERΔL is a Toronto based artist collective creating interdisciplinary projects with a relational, interactive focus....

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • DM Curatorial Projects

    DM Curatorial Projects organize nomadic pop-up exhibitions that feature emerging contemporary artists. We implement an artist-run centre model that charges no hanging/other fees, and 100% of...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Until Further Notice Productions

    Until Further Notice Productions is a group of up and coming theatrical artists who have come together to bring the voices of young theatre goers to the public. Our goal is to show that as ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsTheatre

  • bloom consulting

    We are bloom consulting, a team of creative facilitators, designers, conveners and artists. We support organizations in harnessing their creative and collaborative potential. At bloom we b...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Laya

    I have a Bachelor Degree in Material Science-Ceramic Engineering from Azad University, Music Performance and Teaching Music Diploma from Tehran Conservatory of Music. I started learning the ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalMusicVisual & Media Arts

  • OCAD University

    OCAD University is Canada's largest art and design university, serving undergraduate and graduate students in art, design, digital media and visual culture studies.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Lacey Lucidity

    At the age of 9, Lacey began studying martial arts. Here she learned about balance, discipline, and how to be in her body. After earning a Black Belt in Karate at the age of 18, she went off...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestival

  • Oana Tanase

    independent curator

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • EVOKE Photography and Gallery

    Corso Italia's hidden gem, is EVOKE's gallery space at 1265 Saint Clair Avenue West. We have housed artwork by such artists as Hugo Slepoy, Giles Cotes, and J. Joel, and featured performers ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Annie Wong

    Annie Wong is an artist, arts educator, and writer. Her work is conceptually diverse and is imbedded in various practices such as experimental pedagogy, endurance as performance, and relatio...

    Disciplines: Community Arts

  • Nadia Chaney

    Nadia Chaney is a lead facilitator, trainer and process design consultant in arts empowerment and arts-based processes for numerous NGOS, government, university and private sector clients. ...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsLiteraryMusicTheatre

  • Baraka Project

    Mustafa Unsal is... An altruistic, self-driven, and creatively minded individual, with exceptional skills in producing still and moving visual content. 10+ years of experience in com...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts


    Website that lists Toronto area dance events.

    Disciplines: Dance

  • Kapwa Collective

    ABOUT KAPWA COLLECTIVE Kapwa Collective is a group of Filipino-Canadian artists, critical thinkers, and healers who work towards bridging narratives between the Indigenous and the Diasporic...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsMusicVisual & Media Arts