Member Profiles

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  • Emanuel Ciobanica

    Emanuel is a professional multidisciplinary artist, she has been practising art since 2001, she won third place in Apanova painting competition. She worked on the largest painting (3,464.1 m...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Alvis Choi aka Alvis Parsley

    Alvis Choi aka Alvis Parsley is an artist, performer and facilitator based in Toronto. Their work was presented at SummerWorks Festival, Rhubarb Festival, Hemispheric Institute of Performanc...

    Disciplines: TheatreCommunity Arts

  • Clare Samuel

    In my work I'm interested in belonging and the delineation of borders, the relationship between Self and Other, and the individual self and their community or environment.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Andrea Wrobel

    In under fifty words and in accordance to the (approximate) alphabet, Andrea Wrobel is ambitious, but careful; a definitive, early filmmaker genius. Ha! I'm joking... Kind, like most "normal...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity ArtsLiterary

  • Angie Aranda

    Angie is the Outreach & Events Coordinator at Neighbourhood Arts Network. She has an extensive background in partnership development, event management & communications, with numerous years o...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Veronique Tardif

    Recruiter by day, and all around drawing, painting, street-art and tattoo enthusiast by night. I’m eager to be involved in the arts community, looking forward to show & sell my work. Por...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts