Member Profiles

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  • Clare Samuel

    In my work I'm interested in belonging and the delineation of borders, the relationship between Self and Other, and the individual self and their community or environment.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Farid

    I am watercolorist whose style is fluid and free that flows from the landscape and all it's elements such as trees, flowers, and also urban spaces. I have been working watercolor more than t...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • zouhair kattini

    My name is Zouhair Kattini and I have been painting 12 years. Most of what I have learnt as an artist comes from observing famous Syrian artist's. I have participated in other art galleries ...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Andrea Wrobel

    In under fifty words and in accordance to the (approximate) alphabet, Andrea Wrobel is ambitious, but careful; a definitive, early filmmaker genius. Ha! I'm joking... Kind, like most "normal...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity ArtsLiterary

  • Angie Aranda

    Angie is the Outreach & Events Coordinator at Neighbourhood Arts Network. She has an extensive background in partnership development, event management & communications, with numerous years o...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts

  • Veronique Tardif

    Recruiter by day, and all around drawing, painting, street-art and tattoo enthusiast by night. I’m eager to be involved in the arts community, looking forward to show & sell my work. Por...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media ArtsCommunity Arts