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  • Salbhi Sumaiya

    A native of Bangladesh, I was born and bred at the heart of the country, the metropolitan city of Dhaka. I started painting at the age of seven and, as a hard of hearing (HOH) individual, wa...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Gallery 1313

    Gallery 1313 is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre located in the Parkdale neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. Gallery 1313 is equally an artist run centre exhibiting local, natio...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts


    KONTORT - curated ideas and experiences

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceFestivalLiteraryMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • MOCA Toronto

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA) is in a defining phase of its evolution, as it moves into a landmark heritage building and further advances 20 years of exhibiting, colle...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Lakeshore Arts

    Lakeshore Arts is an award-winning community arts organization that focuses on creating innovative community arts programming that engages, educates, inspires, entertains, and is delivered b...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • GTA Photography Classes

    Founded in 2009, GTA Photography Classes has quickly grown to become one of the largest Photography Schools in Canada. In 2016, due to popular demand, GTA Photography expanded the summer cam...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Ana Gabriela Lopez Castro

    Ana Gabriela Lopez C. is a Mexican Visual Artist based in Toronto. Her artistic formation started in the areas of photography and printmaking. She established herself in Toronto in 2008, and...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsFestivalVisual & Media Arts

  • ibrahim koc

    Ibrahim Koc was born in Mersin to a family of former Nomads (Yörük). As a youngster he learned the craft of a metal smith in the forge of his elder brother before he studied Fine Arts. He st...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Alterspark Corp

    AlterSpark Corp. (“AlterSpark”) is a boutique firm that specializes in digital psychology, which we use in data science projects, training, and our own R&D projects. Our firm operates at t...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography

    Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is a charitable, non-profit, artist-run centre committed to supporting multi-faceted approaches to photography and lens-based media. Founded in...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Propeller Art Gallery

    Propeller Art Gallery is an artist-run centre in the heart of Toronto's West Queen West Gallery District dedicated to promoting contemporary Canadian artists.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Kurt Rostek

    Kurt Rostek is a Toronto based painter and poet who's studio and exhibit practice exceeds 30 years. His work is always expressed as a series of paintings using a broad range of styles and te...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Anelia Victor

    I am a textile artist and a fashion designer that explore the stories of my Caribbean ancestors and investigate different means of textile sustainability through the lens of Caribbean indige...

    Disciplines: Sustained FundingVisual & Media Arts

  • Studio Bupskee

    An artist collective aiming to help Toronto artists get to the international stage.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Angie Aranda

    Angie has an extensive background in partnership development, event management, and communications, with numerous years of arts administration experience. She is an active member of the arts...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Maedalth Hasasilir

    I'm a 24 year old french artist who's just arrived in Canada. I graduated from french fine art school Ecole Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais back in 2018. I'm a printmaker and also ill...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Nathan Cole

    Nathan Cole is an artist, photographer, and writer working out of Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the Honours BFA program from Western University in London, Ontario in 2003, Nathan is now eme...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Second Chance Art

    I am an emerging late blooming artist working mainly in acrylics.

    Disciplines: Community ArtsMusicVisual & Media Arts

  • Susan Hobbs Gallery

    Susan Hobbs Gallery has made a definitive mark on the contemporary Canadian art scene since it opened in 1993. Occupying an austere two-storey building on Tecumseth Street in downtown Toront...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • The Red Head Gallery

    The Red Head Gallery, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, is a professional artists’ cooperative committed to exhibiting the work of established and emerging artists and to encouraging...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Kelvin Rabella

    A passionate filmmaker, a script writer for registered feature films and a published poet – accomplished through a holistic experience of 8 years in content creation and media production acr...

    Disciplines: LiteraryVisual & Media Arts

  • Gardiner Museum

    The Gardiner Museum is Canada’s national ceramics museum, and one of the world’s great specialty museums. We are committed to making a contribution to the medium we celebrate, as well as th...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

    Cedar Ridge Creative Centre is housed in a historic mansion and adjacent gardener's cottage built in 1912, including a refurbished pottery studio now located in what would have been the orig...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • dance Immersion

    dance Immersion is a not-for-profit organization that produces, promotes and supports dancers and dances of the African Diaspora. The organization was established in 1994 to address the need...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsDanceMusicTheatreVisual & Media Arts

  • Alexus Projects

    An avid studier of things Alexis Venerus endeavour is to develop understandings to life's many questions. She explores conversations with her friends and creatives around the cities she visi...

    Disciplines: Community ArtsVisual & Media Arts

  • Xuefei Ji

    I am a Chinese-born new Canadian citizen in Toronto. I am most influenced by painters Frank Auerbach, Peter Doig and Van Gogh.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Spectra - Members of Gallery 44 Exhibition

    Spectra is a three-part exhibition by a group of innovative members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, who have pooled their talent to showcase their work in conjunction with...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Gabriela Delworth

    Hello! My name is Gabriela Delworth. I am an Author and Certified Adult Education Instructor based in Toronto.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • Stephen Bulger Gallery

    Stephen Bulger Gallery connects people with photographs that inspire them. Since 1995, the gallery has become synonymous with great photographs of all types, making it Canada's destination f...

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts

  • O Z

    In my artwork, I do experiment in silhouette and color. I like strong, contrasting colors and light in my paintings. Most of the time I use acrylic and sometimes oil medium.

    Disciplines: Visual & Media Arts